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Meet The Other Cool Mama Behind Ace & Jig: Cary Vaughan

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Maia Harms

After bringing you our first-ever Mother profile, on Ace & Jig‘s Jenna Wilson, we’ve been dying to deliver the same on her partner in (fashion) crime. And now, without further ado, meet Cary Vaughan, the other talented designer and business woman behind the cult-followed label. She’s also a mother of two—Alice, age 6, and Paul, almost 2—and an incredibly fun, funny, and stylish woman. Here, she invites us into her inspiring Brooklyn home and gives us her take on motherhood and all that comes with it. Click through our slideshow below, and enjoy!

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  1. DD says...

    Nice to see that Cary is as much of a barefooter as her business partner Jenna, and with lovely feet in her own right. Not usually a fan of blue polish on toes, but Cary’s long toes are so cute that it works for her (picture #7). I also love that in picture #37 that she’s obviously been walking barefoot on pavement…in Brooklyn. That’s a true barefooting gal!

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