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Photography by Maria del Rio 
Mother Stories

Meet Charmin Roundtree-Baaqee, Twin Mama, Art Consultant, & Engineer

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by

Photography by Maria del Rio 

One of the best parts about our signature Mother profiles is that in the process of creating them, we get to really know a mama that we may have just seen around town, followed on social media, or heard about from a friend. Today’s subject is Charmin Roundtree-Baaqee, and we can only imagine our readers will love getting to know this amazing woman as much as we have. She makes a strong first impression: Her style is always on point—bold colors, funky clogs, and an infectious smile are her signature accessories. But chat her up, and you quickly realize she is also kind, warm, and humble. So humble that it may take a couple more chats to find out that she’s both a brainy civil engineer (her 9 to 5), and an entrepreneur who runs her own art consultant business, Art is Luv, on the side. And just when you think she can’t get any more interesting, you find out she’s a wise and loving mama to the sweetest 10-year-old twins on the planet. So yeah, at this point we were practically begging to profile her. Lucky for us, she generously invited us over to her Oakland home, and…well, we’ll let you uncover that final surprise for yourself. Click through Charmin’s house tour and interview below, and enjoy getting to know this inspiring mother!

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