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Mother Love: Conair’s Magic Wave Wand

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo by Joanna Riedl

Calling all pin-straight-haired mamas! While some women roll out of bed with beautifully tousled curls, that’s just not you. In fact, if you’re anything like us, you’re going to need a little help in the sexy-waves department, and we’ve got a beauty fix we’d love to share. Meet Conair’s You Wrap and Wave Ceramic Styler, a not-so-new curling iron that has saved us many a time from heading to a special occasion with limp locks. Instead, this magic, double-barrel wand gives us such bouncy curls that we sort of have to beat the compliments off with a stick! (Which is obviously a very, very good thing).

The secret to our success is turning the iron to its max temperature (400 degrees…keep those kids far, far away!), and wrapping our hair around only the bottom barrel, in about 1-inch bunches, and using the top barrel to hold the strand in place for a few seconds while it heats up. Also, make sure to always curl the hair away from your face for best results. We also section our hair into three sections—bottom, middle, top—so we can give each area some focused attention.

Frankly, we’re not sure what it is about this specific curling iron, but we’ve found the small size of the barrel, combined with the high heat, makes it a rather quick process (10-20 minutes) to curl our entire head of super-long hair. And the results are long-lasting. So much so that we often roll out of bed the next morning with our waves still intact (if a bit scruffy). This is what hair dreams are made of, folks!

Conair You Wrap and Wave Ceramic Styler, $36.68, Amazon.


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