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Travel Diary: Corsica With A Baby

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photos Courtesy of Ariel Gordon

Travel with a baby can be an adventure within itself, which is something jewelry designer Ariel Gordon learned first hand when she brought her husband and 20-month-old son, Luca, along for an unforgettable trip in Paris and Corsica. “After spending a week in Paris we wanted a mellow beach locale,” says Gordon. “We opened up a map to see what our options were. At first we were thinking South of France, but we wanted something a bit more remote so we could really unplug. Corsica seemed like a no-brainer. There are miles and miles of beautiful beaches with warm water.” Here, the talented bauble-maker (who counts Beyonce, Jessica Alba, and Gigi Hadid as clients) tell us how to do the Mediterranean island of Corsica with a baby.

Where (And How) They Went: “The French island is a short 90-minute flight from Paris. Renting a car is essential because public transportation is limited and the major cities are far apart. Because we wanted to explore as much of Corisca as we could in one week and not have to backtrack too much, we flew in and out of smaller airports at opposite ends of the island. We spent the week driving from the south to the north, crisscrossing the island eating tons of Corsican salami and swimming in warm waters. We drove through dense forests and craggy mountains, spotting local wild boar (which Luca loved). The whole island is a nature wonderland. Our favorite cities were Palombaggia, Ajaccio, Bonifaccio, and Saint-Florent. In my dream world, we would have stayed at Domaine de Murtoli, a 2000-acre private estate and farm in southern Corsica. It seems totally indulgent and fabulous. One day.”

Where They Ate: “Since we were traveling with our son Luca (who would rather run around than sit down for a leisurely two-hour dinner), meals mostly consisted of picnics at the beach. We always had a fresh baguette, some cheese, and local wild boar salami, followed by the sweetest blueberries and teeniest little French strawberries. Espressos were grabbed on the go, as well. One particularly delicious meal we were able to snag was in the charming northern town of Saint-Florent. It was a no-frills dinner of homemade pasta at U Troglu. Nothing fancy. Just a small little spot in the shadows of the Citadel that overlooks the centuries old port city that felt like a distant aunt cooked for you.”

How They Packed: “Navigating planes, trains, and automobiles is infinitely easier if you aren’t lugging around a ton of stuff. We were proud we got all three of us packed into two carry-on suitcases and one diaper bag for two weeks away. If you find you need something and don’t have it, then you can buy it there. This includes sunscreen, diapers, and most toys. I bought Luca some books in French. We picked up beach toys locally. You’ll be surprised how little you need.”

What They Did: “We had no agenda because we had to be flexible. Some days Luca napped in his stroller or at the beach. Some days he didn’t nap at all. At 20 months, he is at the age where he just wants to run around. So, we let him. Every time we saw a park we stopped and let him play. We rode all of the carousels we could (which are abundant and adorable all over France). Most of our meals were eaten on the go. But even though at the time it seemed a little trying, let’s be honest…it was lovely and a great experience. I really believe kids can handle most things you throw at them. You’ll be surprised how flexible they can be.”


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