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Mother Stories

Meet Fawn Shoppe Owner Danni Remender

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Stephanie Matthew

Say hello to Danni Remender, co-owner of the oh-so-adorable kids store Fawn Shoppe. The Brit turned Southern California beach dweller lives near the water with her husband Rick (a writer for Marvel Comics, how cool is that?) and two blonde babes, Edie, age 4, and mischievous Tommy, age 3. Not only does Danni have an A+ sense of humor, she also has incredible taste, and works as the buyer for the cult-followed online shop, outfitting boys and girls in the cutest clothes around. Here, Danni invites us into her beautiful Newport Beach abode and shares her enlightening views on motherhood. Click through the slideshow to take a peek.

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  1. DD says...

    Danni is another amazing barefoot mom. Glad that she took those shoes off for the second part of the shoot, as she has lovely feet! I love her pedicure in picture #14, and her cute toes look to be proportional in size, except for her baby toe which is disproportionately shorter. That’s actually pretty cute. However, my favorite is picture #28. I love the outline of her slightly dirty sole! She has such a beautiful arch as well.

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