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10 Easy Foods To Plant In Your Garden

Written by Leith Tigges

Photography by Cristina Palomo-Nelson, Photographed By Maria Del Rio

Whether you were born with a green thumb or not, we understand the itch for a fresh garden once peak planting season hits. The beauty of a patch of green (other than gorgeous and delicious produce, herbs, and flowers) is that it can be simple to care for no matter what level of skill you possess. Overall, it’s an amazing process to watch something that you created grow into its full, ripened glory. If you’ve yet to cultivate a mini garden of your own, the good news is that it can be super easy! Grab the kids and the sunscreen, and spend some family time outside getting your hands dirty. If you’re a city dweller, try a window box planter or single-pot, indoor friends. You’ll love reaping what you’ve so carefully sowed.

One of the best herbs recommended for a garden, especially for the first-timer, is basil. This leafy green is easy to care for and maintain, and the outcome is both fragrant and delicious! Pluck the leaves and prepare in a hearty pasta recipe, homemade pesto for dinner party guests, or try your hand a Thai dish. Basil is versatile, so you can use it in many different ways, and you’ll love that you grew it yourself.

No garden is complete without this savory fruit! Tomatoes are so multifaceted and easy to manage, it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t plant them. There are so many different varieties to choose from, but we recommend cherry tomatoes to start! A little goes a long way, as one plant can produce a ton of juicy, cherry-red snacks.

Jalapeño Peppers
Add a little kick to your harvest with fresh jalapeño! This spicy pepper is simple enough to grow, and even easier to incorporate into some summertime snacks. Thinly chop and add to salsa or guacamole, or sprinkle into salad or tacos. If you’re feeling really adventurous, take some of your harvest, muddle it up, and throw it into a margarita.

This leafy addition smells too good to be true and grows so fast! Whether you choose spearmint, peppermint, or even chocolate mint, you can count on this herb to spread far and wide. We recommend growing it in a pot or a walkway. Throw some into a glass of water first thing in the morning for a refreshing wake up call, or try adding it to lemonade! You won’t be able to get enough of the burst of refreshment that it brings into your home.

Cucumbers are the perfect vegetable for warm weather! They thrive in a warmer climate and are almost too easy to grow. Just be sure that the crop gets plenty of sun and moist soil to produce a strong and plentiful bounty! Consider adding some natural compost to the soil for an even better start.

If you’re looking for another plant that can thrive in a warm climate, but won’t crack under the pressure of a frosty night, look no further than spinach! This superfood green is an amazing source for calcium, vitamins, and fiber, making it a great choice when prepping meals for the family. Whether you want to toss it in a summertime salad or blend it into smoothies for an added dose of nutrients, you won’t regret adding spinach to this year’s garden lineup.

This undemanding and crunchy root veggie is considered one of the quickest vegetables to grow. While a radish plant will thrive off of plenty of sunshine, we recommend watering in moderation. And, be sure to check on the radish plant frequently due to the quick growth. If you’re looking for near instant gratification in the garden, radishes are the way to go!

Parsley is arguably one of the most versatile herbs. It works wonders for even the smallest garden, whether you’ve planted the herb in a raised bed or have it sitting in a windowsill, it’s sure to thrive. Transform this lush plant into a tasty garnish for any meal. We especially love it in this healthy grain-free tabbouleh recipe.

Not only are pod peas fun to eat, they’re also simple to grow! You can grow peas in a pot or a garden bed, and they require very little attention other than typical watering and sunshine. You can choose from snow peas, garden peas, sugar snap peas, and more! All varieties are delicious, and easy pea-sy! Pun intended.

Kale is a super popular veggie, is packed with nutrients, and is the last of the easy plants we recommend you incorporate into your garden this season. Kale does great in the winter months, but can be planted at any time. A little shade is perfectly fine for Kale, too. So, why not try your hand at growing some dinosaur kale?

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