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How To Lift Your & Your Kid’s Mood In Minutes

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photography by Maria Del Rio

We all get in bad moods. In fact, many of us may get a case-of-the-crankys a little more often than we’d care to admit. It could be the traffic jam you sat in, while running errands or commuting to and from work, a whining child who just won’t quit, spilled milk, an argument with your partner, or the laundry list of other things that can put a damper on your day. Whatever the reason, there are many ways to lift your spirits (and your kid’s) in a matter of minutes. We’ve got a few ideas below that are guaranteed to bring on the smiles when the going gets tough.

Bed Jumping
Studies show that simply getting the body moving can help boost a poor mood by pumping happy-making endorphins through the brain. Of course, you could go for a family walk, but why not find a special way to exercise? Next time the kids are feeling blah, opt for a bed bouncing session! Want to take it up a notch? Toss in a few pillows for a gentle, but oh-so-fun pillow fight.

Dance Party
Everyone loves to get down, whether it’s alone at home, in the car, or bravely on the dance floor. Even babies start dancing at just a few months old. Turn on the tunes and let loose with the kids in the living room. Dancing your bad mood away is easy and fun, plus it burns calories—bonus!

Build A Fort
What’s more fun than building a fort? There’s something magical about having your own blanket-castle to hide out in. Building forts has been a favorite pastime for kids of all ages for centuries. It’s also one of the easiest ways to entertain kids at home with minimal materials. Grab a few lightweight blankets, pillows, a flashlight for fun, and some chairs or tape for securing the fort, and start building!

Play With The Hose
If there’s something we know as mothers, it’s that kids love to get wet and play in the water—especially water that they can control and spray things with. As soon as the warm weather hits, uncoil the water hose and suit up the little ones for a fun afternoon outside. Even better, set up a water sprinkler and splash around for an hour. Join in the fun and get soaked! It’s an instant way to rid any bad moods.

Ice Cream Fixes Everything
Being stuck at home too long can trigger boredom in kids, causing irritability. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and treat yo’self! The next time a bad mood strikes, head out for a cold treat that never ceases to cheer anyone up! Whether you opt for natural, organic, vegan, or the good ol’ fashioned sugary stuff, it’s sure to cure the blues. Remember that sugar tends to cause a crash later on, so just make sure you keep the treat to a small size for the little ones. Either way, the kids will certainly pep up at first bite.

Go To The Park
You may have heard that going outside is a sure-fire way to cheer up fast. It’s true—people are actually happier in the summer months, as the mood-lifting chemicals in the brain increase when you’re exposed to bright sunlight. As stated above, physical activity is a wonderful mood booster. If the kids are feeling down and out, head outside and play in the sunshine. The park is a perfect place to escape away from home. There, the kids can explore, let out their energy, and connect with other children.

Whip Out The Candy Land
Board games are always a great idea when it comes to entertaining—they’re fun, educational, and help to pass the time. Find a game that is appropriate for the ages of your children (we think the classic games are where it’s at!) and play a few rounds. Not only will you keep the bad moods at bay, but you can also teach good sportsmanship while you play.

Watch Funny Puppy & Kitten Videos On YouTube
We all know that watching one cute YouTube video will spiral you into endless hours of video watching, with no will-power to stop—we’ve all been there. Laughter is good for the soul! So, the next time you and the kids need some pepping up, hit the search bar and get to giggling with some adorable animal videos.

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