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Mother Stories

At Home With Eirinie Carson & Once Upon A Farm

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Vanessa Mona Hellmann

It’s back-to-school time! Which means busy mornings filled with lunch-packing and snack-packing are in full swing. One tried-and-true method to make your routine more smooth: throwing some Once Upon A Farm fruit & veggie blends and dairy-free smoothies into the mix!

This is just one of the mom hacks that California-based mother of two Eirinie Carson has up her sleeve. The model, writer, and mom to daughters Luka, 5, and Selah, 1, recently invited us over to her colorful Victorian home to shed light on her snack-packing habits, parenting philosophy, and much more.

The health-conscious vegetarian mama also shares some of her favorite school-night meals, and why throwing nutritious Once Upon A Farm pouches into her go-bag is a must. (“I am a fan of their ethos and commitment to always-organic,” she says). Meet Eirinie and get inspired for the back-to-school season, below!

This post is brought to you by Mother + Once Upon A Farm.

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