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Mother-Approved: The Erno Laszlo Break From The Burnout Skin Wellness Kit

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Kara Brodgesell

If the word “burnout” is ringing true to you right now, you are definitely not alone. For those of us who can carve out a day—or an hour—for a mini-reset, the folks at Erno Laszlo have created a sweet skin care kit just for this occasion. The Break from the Burnout skin wellness set includes four key products that were designed to work in harmony to reset and renew your complexion, leaving skin refreshed and radiant.

Click through our slideshow below to get a close-up look at each of the four powerful products in the skin care set—all created to cleanse and detoxify skin, then saturate it with moisture and nutrients for a healthy, nourished glow. Still need to grab a belated gift for Mother’s Day for a favorite mama (or yourself)? You can score 15% off on all things Erno Laszlo with code MOTHER through June 30, 2021!

This post is brought to you by Mother + Erno Laszlo.

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