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Family Activities

20 Things To Do This Fall

Written by Tiana Lewis

Photography by Photographed by Rebekka Seale

As your neighbors begin to break out their Thanksgiving decor and more activities begin to make their way indoors, you may find yourself wondering what new fall-inspired things you or your whole family can do. That’s why we’ve put together a list of twenty of our favorites, from horseback riding to pie baking, to inspire your best autumn yet. Take a peek at our list below and try out one, or all, and prepare yourself for a potential new hobby and weeks of fall fun.

Romp around in the leaves: What’s fall without a bit of fun in the foliage? Rake the leaves into a big pile and have a heyday jumping around with your family.

Partake in a three-legged race: Spark a bit of family-friendly competition with an out-of-the-box take on racing.

Indulge in some hot chocolate: Pick up some of America’s favorite warm drink or try making your own from scratch, and don’t forget the marshmallows!

Bob for apples: Who said bobbing for apples was reserved just for parties? Set up a bucket in your backyard and see who can scoop out the most of the delicious fruit sans-hands.

Visit a corn maze or hayrack ride: Enjoy the crisp, open air with one of these classic country, autumn traditions that are perfect for kids.

Paint pinecones and pumpkins: Tap into your crafty side by decorating some familiar fall finds. Use them as a festive centerpiece or the kids can give them as gifts.

Sit around a bonfire: Warm up this holiday season with a family bonfire. Pro tip: Smores are always a good idea!

Learn a new language: Not the whole language, of course. Learn one new word or phrase in a different language at a time and have the entire family use it as much as they can in one day and voila! You’re one step closer to becoming fluent.

Bake a pie: Whether it’s pumpkin or apple, baking a pie is not only a delicious way to enjoy some time together, it will also fill your house with the sweet aromas of autumn.

Learn to knit: What better way to prepare for cooler temps than to learn to knit, even if it is something as simple as a scarf?

Shoot film: Give your kids a disposable camera (you can still find them at many drugstores, believe it or not) and see the world through their eyes. Encourage them to shoot whenever and whatever they like and make a day out of discovering what they’ve shot!

Make a scarecrow: Grab an old flannel and some straw, and try building fall’s version of the beloved snowman.

Go horseback riding: Try researching venues in your area that offer the activity and get in touch with your equestrian side.

Stargaze: Grab your telescope, a blanket, and warm thermos of hot apple cider and see if you can spot any of the Autumn constellations.

Have breakfast in bed: Why not try waking up before your little to surprise them with their favorite breakfast treat in bed?

Attend a local football game: Professional, college, or even high school, there’s just something about getting outside to root for your favorite team that brings the whole family together for a day of entertainment. Don’t forget to tailgate!

Head to your local theater: We don’t mean the movies this time! Check your local performing arts center to see if there are any family-friendly plays or musicals airing this holiday season.

Watch home videos: Get a bit sentimental and reminisce on the past with videos or photos of when your little ones were even littler.

Make a card: Try having everyone create a card for another family member for no good reason, but to show how much they love them.

Play a giant game of hide-and-seek: You too, parents! Hide all of the breakable items and indulge in one big game of hide-and-seek as a family. The only rule is there are no rules!

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