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14 Free Fitness Ideas (No Gym Membership Required!)


Photography by Amy Abrams, Photographed By Heather Moore

Between taking care of the kids, while also taking care of yourself, it’s a little too easy for workouts to sit on the back burner. Carpools, work, meal planning, errand running, and all of life’s other daily tasks often make it hard to find and make time to get moving. But, with so many fun, different, and free options at your fingertips, there’s no excuse to slack. Check out our list below to start getting in shape and for a major dose of fit-spiration. Ready, set, go!

Join Or Form A Local Running Or Hiking Group
Find a running or hiking group in your area, and if there isn’t one available, create your own. It’s a great (and free) way to meet people, explore your neighborhood, and get active. Rain or shine, talk yourself into hitting the pavement or trails!

Join The Tone It Up Community
Health and fitness gurus and best friends, Karena and Katrina, have a huge fanbase of fit and devoted followers. They come out with new videos each week, featuring body-toning moves and nutritional tips. Check out their workouts for free, and feel the burn!

Play With The Kids
Yep, getting active with the kids can burn major calories. So, grab the hoola hoops, frisbee, or ball and head to the park for some quality family time and a great workout.

Get Zen And Try Yoga
There are many local studios that offer community yoga classes. These fun and relaxing sessions are often held in a cool spot like a local park or library and are free for all. Contact a center near you and get your namaste on!

POP Pilates
Internet-famous pilates instructor, Cassey Ho, has a blog full of quick and free workout videos. People love her upbeat personality and effective moves. If you’re already a fan of pilates, you know this sculpting exercise delivers results. And, now you can do right in your living room!

Go For A Bike Ride
Whether you’re cruising through your neighborhood or hitting the trails, biking is a low-impact workout that does wonders for your booty and your mood. Whether you’re bringing the kids along or zoning out on your own, it’s always a good time to go for a ride.

Try Unconventional Weight Lifting
You don’t have to have a gym membership, or even a pair of dumbbells, to do a little weight lifting. Use water bottles, a gallon of milk, or other household items to add a few pounds to your in-home routine. Squats, lunges, arm lifts, oh my!

Scour Instagram
Now, we’re not suggesting that checking your feed is a form of exercise. But, take advantage of the popular (and free!) social media platform to check out the different accounts and videos of fitness instructors and trainers. There are literally thousands of ‘grammers with helpful and inspiring fitness content to try.

Make A Splash
Live near a body of water? Jump in and get your body moving with a good swim, surf, or splash session. Swimming is a great low-impact cardio exercise. Not near the water? Check out your community pool or local YMCA. Sometimes they offer free passes.

Charity Miles
This free app not only helps with staying fit, but also makes an impact by donating to charities. Different corporate sponsors agree to donate a bit of change with every mile you complete! You can now cross “working out” and “complete good deed” off your to-do list in one fell swoop!

Play Community Sports
Did you play team sports in school? Why not do it again as an adult? Check out the community sports center in your area and sign up! Volleyball, basketball, softball, and more—plus, it’s a fun way to make new friends. Win, win!

Take The Stairs
Got a flight of stairs at home or is there an apartment complex nearby? Run, walk, or skip steps several times to create the perfect lower body routine. Form good habits when out and about and try to skip the elevator and take the stairs whenever possible.

Freeletics Body Weight 
Freeletics features a number of 10-30 minute bodyweight-based workouts that you can do anywhere! You jumpstart this app by completing a fitness test with the help of a virtual coach.

Partner Up
That’s right! Have a friend who is making fitness a priority? Join them to get active, stay motivated, and keep each other accountable. Bonus points if your new workout buddy has a free pass to the gym.

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