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15 Totally Loveable Giant Stuffed Animals

Written by Liz Kerins Pacheco

Photography by Photo Courtesy of BlaBla Kids

Everyone loves a good stuffed animal—we remember days of lining them up in rows on our childhood beds, toting the most beloved one all around town, and playing school or doctor with those ever-willing subjects. Of course, our kiddos are no different when it comes to their plush pals. And some of the stuffed dolls these days are even softer, bigger, and more lifelike and whimsical than the ones we recall. Wanna get your paws on one? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite larger-than-life cozy creatures to deck out your future babe’s nursery or to add some variety to your tot’s current roster. Whether their little arms fit around these giant stuffed creatures is another question.

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