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Gifts For Teens 2023

50+ Cool Gifts For Teens & Tweens

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

We've already served up gift ideas for Babies & Toddlers and "Big Kids". And our last gift guide in this category is for the oldest children of the bunch: Tweens and Teens! What to get these rapidly maturing humans? In addition to experiences and cold hard cash, we've pulled together over 50 items we know they'd love—from rad sneakers and comfy hoodies to good books and gaming devices. Let's gooooo!

Top Picks


Old World Christmas

Today's ornaments have moved beyond traditional winter scenes to hundreds upon hundreds of quirky options that are sure to delight your tween or teen.

From favorite foods to sports teams, grab something that taps into their ever-evolving personality.

Cool Sneakers


As your child grows, so often does their sense of style.

We love gifting sneakers because not only are they a practical gift, they are also something any aesthetic-driven kiddo will love.

Mini Hoop + Ball


If your tween or teen needs a way to burn off some of that energy during the cooler winter months—a mini indoor hoop set-up does the trick.

The stylish versions by CHANCE also double as cool-kid decor.

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