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Mother Love: Huzi Design

Written by Mindy White

Photography by Photo via Huzi Design

Hong Kong-based Huzi Design is a playful brand with an eco-friendly collection of gifts, toys, and home goods. This flourishing start-up’s motto is to “embrace simplicity.” It strives to keep minds of all ages curious and imaginative—and that’s exactly what the products do! The company’s natural plywood Ping Pong Table is its stand-out piece (in our opinion). It’s an innovative coffee table, chalkboard surface, and play area all in one. The simple yet sophisticated design makes it the perfect centerpiece for a living room, while providing a creative space to write, draw, play, or simply hold beverages and magazines. The ping pong balls are also something worth noting, as they’re customized to be silent and less bouncy. Talk about awesome!

Another noteworthy item, The Dream Car, is a signature creation that showcases Huzi’s innovative nature. It’s a modern spin on the toy car with beautiful, handcrafted design, including natural walnut and beech wood. The pieces of this car are interchangeable, contain magnets, and are finished with chalkboard paint, allowing kids to truly build their own unique dream car. Last, but not least, comes Huzi’s reinvented soft toy, the Mixed Animal. It’s a twist on the classic stuffed animal, letting young imaginations run wild by giving them the ability to create their own plush toy with interchangeable horns, noses, paws, and more. Each accessory contains hidden stitched magnets that allow kids to discover and create a new species of their own by mixing and matching.

Even Huzi’s packaging expresses its devotion to company values: Simple, clean, and modern. The design team works with various designers around the globe who share their vision of minimalism plus imagination. Everything about this brand is refreshing, curious, unique, and inspired by the young at heart. And that’s a combo we can get behind.

Visit Huzi Design to see the entire collection.


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