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Jeanine Jablonski
Mother Essentials

Mother Essentials: Jeanine Jablonski

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

What does an art-obsessed mama lean on for her day-to-day must-haves? Jeanine Jablonski is here to tell you. As the Senior Director of ILY2, an extraordinary new commercial gallery which opened in Portland earlier this year, art is life for both Jeanine and her kids August, 4, and Roe, 7, who are often seen gallery-hoping alongside their mom on Instagram. Below, the talented and passionate creative—whom we were so happy to meet in face-to-face at our Portland event—fills us in on her current and colorful Mother Essentials. Prepare to be inspired!

Art! “As Senior Director of ILY2, my first recommendations are obviously going to be artists to be looking at and collecting. I’m currently looking at and working with Pacific Northwest-based artists Paige Powell, Ido Radon, Melanie Flood, and sidony o’neal. I’m also actively working with clients to place ceramic works by Leena Similu (my dear friend/incredible artist/fellow mama), Nicole Ondré, and Bri Ruis. I also covet many of Bonnie LucasUntitled works from 1978/79, likely my next personal art purchase.”

New Eve Fowler Editions. “ILY2 just released two editions by Eve Fowler, and they are incredible. I just bought them for my own collection and have encouraged everyone I know to do the same! At $400 for the pair, it’s a prodigious, affordable investment in work by an important L.A.-based artist. We have some prints remaining, but not for long!” Eve Fowler Prints, $250 each of $400 for a pair, ILY2.

Front-Facing Parenting. “As a working mom in the art world, I’ve made it an underlying priority these last seven years not to hide that I’m a parent. There can be opacity around this in my profession, but I think it’s important for the mirror neurons of others to see you can do parenting and career! ILY2’s Founder and Creative Director Allie Furlotti and I make this integration a priority always.”

Soho House Portland. “Soho House is coming to Portland and I’m excited for this up-leveled moment in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been working on artwork for their collection in the new Portland house, and it’s very clear it will be a welcome aesthetic addition to our city (Google the renderings—the pool!) Opening in the Troy Laundry building in SE Portland this fall.” 

PICA a.k.a. Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. “PICA has been the rock in Portland’s contemporary art ecosystem with its core of powerful women Artistic Directors mounting important exhibitions (like o’neal’s recent Enchiridion: aisle, spine, resort) and its annual internationally-recognized Time-Based Art (TBA) Festival, while supporting the full spectrum of Portland’s artist community. I’m excited to see what new Executive Director Reuben Roqueñi will bring forward in the years to come.” PICA.org.

MADRE Linen. “Jeanie and Shay are magic moms based here in Portland, and their linen wares are so good. I have the napkins in MAÍZ (the most gorgeous deep blue), which elevates weeknight dinners with my family. Next up for me is a MADRE tablecloth—my 7-year-old loves to set a fancy table for dinner, and I’m here for it.” MadreLinen.com.

Hand-Me-Downs. “Clothing shopping for my kids brings me a lot of joy (Bobo Choses and Animals Observatory are faves—check out Avec El in L.A. next time you are there!) but I also love them wearing clothes with a history. My best friend McKenzie in Vermont has kids several years older than mine, so she has been sending boxes since my oldest was an infant. Seeing my kids in an item that her girls have worn feels so special and keeps us connected.”

What’s Cooking at 10 Garden Street and What’s Cooking in Flowerville by Felicita Sala. “The kids and I love these books; both the aesthetics + the simple recipes, which are easy to make together. My 4-year-old, August, loves to go through Sala’s beautifully illustrated ingredient lists for each recipe. Sometimes we make the recipes into songs!” What’s Cooking at 10 Garden Street, $13.90, Bookshop & Amazon. What’s Cooking in Flowerville, $13.90, Bookshop & Amazon.

Consignment Shopping. “Portland has upped its consignment game in the last few years, with three fantastic woman-owned shops here that are thriving: Vein of Gold, Deep Lake, and the new Emily Katz-owned Circle Round.”

Bread + Roses Market. “This SE Foster spot is on my way to grab my youngest at Montessori and wow, what a Portland gem. It has everything you need. I sometimes shop based on a mood or an ingredient and cook from there, and this place is ideal for that. Truffle pate on toast corners with crudite was one recent dinner the kids loved, inspired by shopping here. It’s right across the block from Hammer + Jacks, a fave toy store.” BreadandRosesMarket.com.

ONINO. “A small batch chili crisp that’s the best on everything! Really. It’s better than any I’ve tried. I just saw that a fave Portland breakfast spot, Sweedeedee, now carries it in their pantry, or you can order direct.” OninoBK.com.

Tibi. “This brand has been game changing for me in the last year. I love their Stella cargo pant, their suiting, their knits. The idea is that you are building a wardrobe to last, and I want so much each season. My most recent addition is the Nylon Asymmetrical Balloon Skirt, and my list of fall wants is growing. Tibi founder Amy Slimovic is fascinating, and recently released a book, The Creative Pragmatist.” Tibi.com.

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