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Camilla Marcus
Mother Essentials

Mother Essentials: Camilla Marcus of west~bourne

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

While April (a.k.a. Earth Month) is winding down, we believe all 12 months of the year should be devoted to living more sustainably, protecting Mother Earth, and teaching our children to do the same. Camilla Marcus most definitely agrees. The chef, entrepreneur, activist, and mom of three is dedicated to rethinking what it means to be a steward for our planet and future through the lens of food. She’s the chef/founder of west~bourne, a pioneering hospitality business that began as a zero-waste restaurant in New York and has morphed into a Los Angeles-based product line and creator of beautiful gatherings centered around sustainable food. Her inspiring list of Mother Essentials is as values-driven as she is—enjoy!

west~bourne Refined Avocado Oil. “Zero~waste and carbon neutral, our Refined Avocado Oil is the ultimate cooking oil. Whether I’m grilling in the backyard, sautéing whatever vegetables we have left in the refrigerator, or baking a treat for my family, I know I’m supporting a more diverse agricultural ecosystem with our sustainable pantry staple. Fun fact: the avocados that go into our Avocado Oil are grown and pressed at the source of an organic orchard in Mexico, providing optimal freshness and lower carbon with each drizzle alongside its smooth, bright flavor.” 100% Pure Olive Oil, $40, west~bourne.

Dagne Dover Diaper Bag. “The ultimate diaper bag for new moms, toddler moms, and anyone in between. The neoprene comes in chic colors, goes with just about anything, and is easily machine-washable. It has compartments for almost anything you can think of, like diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, phones…you name it. Think of this as the chicest tote-turned-diaper bag out there. I will never get tired of recommending it.” Wade Diaper Tote, $215, Dagne Dover.

Davines. “Years ago, I went on a hunt for hair products in harmony with nature. After all, protecting our planet for the next generation touches every facet of my life—self-care included. When Davines entered my life, thanks to my dearest friend and hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein, I felt at ease knowing that their commitment to regenerative agriculture and carbon neutrality could care for my health and our environment all at once.” Davines.com.

Humanrace Sambas. “As a mama of three and a chef, chic comfort is always the move. From day to night, dressed up or down, these stand out and slide on with ease—dare I say, the perfect sneaker. Plus, I particularly love this partnership with Humanrace, the universe of products and people dedicated to the pursuit of wellbeing where every individual has the potential to understand themselves better, and by doing so, improve their wellness.” Humanrace Samba, $120 to $200, Adidas.

Coterie. “The only diapers we use in our home and ones that set a new standard for the industry. From newborn to toddler, Coterie offers us solutions at each stage of babies’ development. Not to mention, they obsess over every detail that goes into them, so they’re 4x more absorbent while also being the softest around and 100% biodegradable. Safe for my babes and the planet.” Diapers, $90/month, Coterie.

west~bourne House Muffin Mix. “I can confidently say that all of our west~bourne provisions are Marcus-bebe approved, but if we had to pick a favorite around here, it’d be our House Muffin Mix. Made with regeneratively grown cover crops (oats and buckwheat), our muffin mix can be used to make morning blueberry muffins or avocado oil loaf cakes that are packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants. I even recently turned it into individual carrot cakes for an event. Oh, and they’re naturally vegan and gluten-free. Win, win, win.” House Muffin Mix, $11, west~bourne.

Yeti Water Bottle. “Running between meetings, after my babes, and from one side of L.A. to another, my Yeti is a must. It’s indestructible, which gives me ease when tiny hands grab and (most times) drop it. Plus, it’s easy to drink from for me and my kids and holds temperature for so long while safely on the go.” Yeti 36 oz. Rambler Water Bottle, $50, Amazon.

Fyrn Standing Chair. “I love furniture that’s designed for a lifetime of use, and the Fyrn Standing Chairs are the newest addition to our collection. Not only are they sustainably crafted and beautifully made, but they make for the perfect step stool for our toddlers to get a boost and play with their baby brother.” Standard Chair, $595, Fryn.

Tabayer Oera Pendant Necklace. “I recently met Tabayer’s incredible founder Nigora Tokhtabayeva (a powerhouse mom of five!) when we welcomed the brand to L.A. with a sustainable dinner in my home. I was blown away by their story and commitment to protecting the earth with environmentally conscious and ethically sourced materials. If you’re looking to gift a mama in your life with a special piece, snag the Oera Pendant Necklace. Bonus: from May 1st through the end of the year, Tabayer will donate $1,000 from each sale to Every Mom Counts—an organization that supports maternal health across the world, an organization dear to my heart.” Oera Pendant, $2200, Tabayer.

By Malene Birger Vest. “As a new or nursing mama, easy access for breastfeeding is crucial. As someone who refuses to buy maternity or nursing clothes, I look for functional pieces that make feedings and jetting to meetings simple. Plus, this brand is sustainably made and always fashion forward.” Simonse Leather Vest, $950, By Malene Birger.

Else Lingerie. “Luxurious pieces made for women, by women. Everything is crafted so thoughtfully, and you can’t help but glow from the inside out when you wear their creations. Everyday undergarments and loungewear that for me help remind me of the powerful woman within.” Bella Soft Cup Triangle Bra, $115, Else

Olive Ateliers Changing Table. “If you’re on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen the magic of Olive Ateliers. Since the day we moved back to L.A., we’ve been devoted to sourcing vintage, reworked pieces from Kendall and her team, and I highly suggest you head to them for a vintage, reworked changing table. I never buy kids furniture and instead opt for pieces that will last a lifetime that we can swing into these early years of babies. To me, there’s something truly special about objects with history—they have more soul, stories, and are far better for our planet.” OliveAteliers.com.

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