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Mother Stories

Meet Jess Green, North American Sales Director Of Ganni & Mama Of One

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed By Heather Moore

A woman’s style is an evolutionary affair. Specifically, it develops with age and often takes decades to fine-tune, with many individuals never quite landing on one specific “look” or direction. It is expressive, telling, and often deeply personal. So, when we’re able to sit and talk all-things-industry with smart women in fashion, we ravish the opportunity with unapologetic greed. Today’s profile spotlights Jess Green, North American Sales Director for Copenhagen-based fashion label Ganni. In addition to working closely with the playful brand that aims to exist outside of standard design dogmas, Jess also owns and operates her personal brand consulting agency, amidst balancing many other duties and roles: partner, mother, and Netflix aficionado just to name a few. Today, the can-do mother of one (son Kit, 13 months) invites us into her light-filled Brooklyn abode to give us the inside scoop on what working in fashion, becoming a mama, and the constant juggling act between the two is really like.

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