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My First Desk: 20 Kid-Sized Work Spaces

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Janette Yost, Photographed By Michelle Drewes

Sitting down at your first desk can often feel like a rite of passage. It’s the moment in a person’s life—no matter what age or profession—where they graduate from having all day play, to managing the upkeep of day-to-day responsibilities, be it homework, or just a designated place for drawing. So, while purchasing your child’s first at-home workstation may not have crossed your mind quite yet (depending on how old they are) our list of 20 selects is sure to get your wheels turning. And, regardless of if the gift of this first desk is a decision that stems from necessity or future-planning, our list includes a wide variety of choices, so that this special piece of furniture can grow with your family and beyond.

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