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Mother Love: The New Land Of Women Nursing Bra

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy


When you’re a mama, whether new to the scene or a seasoned vet, you understand that pregnancy begets change—in your body, in your daily routine, in your life as a whole. Throw nursing into the equation and things can get frustrating, messy, and at times, a little weird. That’s why breastfeeding mamas everywhere can agree that finding the right nursing bra is crucial. With most options on the market, one is forced to sacrifice style and sophistication for comfort and ease-of-use. But, it seems as though the landscape has shifted, with more modern, contemporary companies launching maternity bras, the latest being New York-based lingerie line, Land Of Women, which is debuting its first nursing bra this Mother’s Day. And not to worry, minimalist mamas, it’s sure to be one that you will adore.

Famous for its modern silhouettes and special attention to detail, functionality, and comfort, Land of Women founders Sarah Belz and McKenzie Raley wanted to create a complimentary piece to their all-black capsule collection of classic bras. “Designing a nursing bra was really important to us—losing a customer because she’s nursing just didn’t seem right,” says Raley. “We want our women to feel empowered and included in her Land of Women pieces, at any stage in her life.”

Although functionality is always key, the Land Of Women version stays true to the brand’s roots with fine imported fabrics from Italy that elicit a sensuous experience on bare skin. With this launch, you’ll find a super-soft outer fabric paired with antimicrobial jersey on the inside. The result is a smooth-as-ever wireless design that easily pulls down for comfort and convenience when nursing and beyond. It’s beautiful, feels amazing, and works like it should. What more could you ask for?

You can grab the Land Of Women Nursing Bra exclusively at Landofwomen.com. Happy shopping, but more importantly, happy nursing!

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