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Mother Stories

Meet Lizzie Wallack, Mama of Two and Designer

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Photography by Maria del Rio

We’ve done hundreds of house tours over here, but there is one particular type of home story that gives us the major heart-eyes every time. When a designer or architect buys their first home, it’s typically smaller and far more modest than the spaces they work on for clients. But it’s a true passion project and an opportunity to get incredibly creative on a limited budget—and the results tend to be incredible. That is exactly what we have for you today. Lizzie Wallack spent a decade working for one of the most innovative architecture firms in the Bay Area, where she headed up boundary-pushing projects like Proxy SF. So, when she and her builder husband bought a one-bedroom Craftsman in Petaluma and had to make it work for their family of three, and then four, they put their heads (and skills) together to transform it into something exceptional. Lizzie gives us a tour of their home, introduces us to Solomon, 6, and Golda, 2, and talks about everything, from why her own mother was too cool for her tastes when she was a kid, to why she has never suffered from mom guilt. Click through the whole tour below and prepare to be blown away!

Bonus points: This is the first time we’ve profiled sisters on the site! Lizzie is family to Boston-based Anna Wallack, founder of Misha + Puff, whom we featured two years ago.

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  1. How cool to see a Petaluman on here! My family are owners of the funky bar downtown called Andresen’s. Now I’m wondering where on the west side your home is.??

  2. Marianne says...

    Lovely profile. Would love to know the color of the fireplace. Thanks!

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