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Photo Courtesy of Martinhal

Martinhal’s Design-y Portugal Hotels Include Childcare!

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

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Photo Courtesy of Martinhal

While traveling with children can be an unforgettable adventure—let’s admit it, sometimes you need a vacation from your kids while on vacation. Which is precisely why mama-of-four Chitra Stern launched Martinhal, a hotel group that caters to kids and parents on holiday break. “Kids are central to our philosophy at Martinhal,” she explains. “We aren’t just family-friendly, our resorts are made with families in mind where parents’ needs as well as children’s needs are met and kids can be themselves all over the resort.”

Martinhal currently has four locations in Portugal—in Lisbon, Cascais, Sagres, and Quinta—and has plans to pop up in other countries in the very near future. And, we truly hope they do. As mentioned, each hotel is built with modern families in mind—with room features that cater to kids and parents (pull-down bunk beds, apartment-style rooms, etc.), unlimited childcare via on-site kids’ clubs (zip-lines, movie nights, and swimming lessons included!), and hotel restaurants that are accommodating for all ages (no side-eye happening here if your kid decides to run up and down the eateries’ aisles while you enjoy your meal).

After staying in two properties (Lisbon and Cascais) while in town for the Martinhal Entrepreneurship Event at which Mother hosted a panel on Motherhood + Entrepreneurship—alongside our profile faves Jodie Patterson, Latham Thomas, and Anna Wallack—we can attest to just how family-friendly the entire experience was. In fact, our child voluntarily spent hours in the kids’ club while we urban-hiked around Lisbon, and the staff swiftly booked a doctor’s appointment for us when an ear infection suddenly arose.

To get a look at the colorful, swoon-worthy properties (which start at around 240 Euros per night), check out our slideshow below!

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