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18 Inspiring (Not Cringe-Worthy) Maternity Photoshoots

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Via Rylee Hitchner

The pregnant body is certainly something to behold. And while some of us would rather do anything other than see pictures of ourselves while we were stretched to the max with a baby in our womb, there are also lots of women who rejoice in documenting their blooming, scantily clad bods on the verge of motherhood. Of course, if you google “nude pregnancy photos” or the now popular term “maternity boudoir,” the stuff floating out there can be pretty cringe-worthy. Which is why we’ve gathered the classiest and most beautiful of the bunch to inspire your own intimate pregnancy photo shoot, if you so choose to have one. Now all you need is a pair of killer skivvies.

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