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Meet Miko Bowen & Her Blended Family Of Six Kids

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed by Jessica Kettle

When we think of the title Super Mom, plenty of deserving women come to mind. Today’s profile highlights one mama who most definitely deserves a cape all her own. Say hello to Miko Bowen, a blogger and full-time mother (and step-mother) to six kids whose ages range from 6 to 21! 

With four kids living in their Utah mountain home, and her two oldest daughters out our their own, we wanted to know just how she does it, and how on earth she manages to look like she stumbled upon the fountain of youth! Lucky enough, we were able to catch up with the blended-family of eight, all under the same roof, while the two eldest girls were visiting from college.

As an added bonus, we invited the whole clan to head to Old Navy and deck themselves out from head to toe with the brand’s current men’s, women’s, and kid’s threads—nautical stripes, denim, and bright pops of color included. See what they came up with and get a look into their beautiful, light-filled home where we chatted with Miko about life with six kids, style, and more!

This post is brought to you by Mother + Old Navy.

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