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Meet Molly Leary, A Tuned-In Mama Raising 2 Daughters In the Cali Woods

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Photography by Michelle Drewes

Molly Leary is the kind of woman who keeps a cool head when her 5-year-old daughter is bit by a rattle snake. Her ability to handle curveballs (even poisonous ones) with grace is just one of the many qualities that make this mama stand out from the crowd. Others include her preference for picnics with her two girls in the back of her vintage Ford Ranger, tailgate agape to the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, over birthday parties or playdates. And then there’s her house—when Molly first spotted the vintage redwood abode in the hills of Auburn, California, it had seen better days, but with some fearless planning (and a handful of favors called in) she transformed it and made it her own. She now lives on the rambling property with her two stunning kiddos—Susannah (5) and Louise (4)—both of whom are are on the autism spectrum. They spend their days tending to their fruit and veggie gardens, taking drives, and playing dress up—Molly’s home doubles as the offices and storage facility for her business, Squash Blossom Vintage, a 14-year-old digital storefront that offers vintage and handmade clothing. In our slideshow below, Molly shows us around her incredible home, and talks in her signature shoot-from-the-hip style about everything from co-parenting peacefully to raising strong girls to running a business in the hours in between all the rest. Click through and prepare to be wildly inspired!

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  1. Sarah says...

    Thank you for sharing! What a stunning and authentic home – and a very inspiring, practical parenting attitude.

  2. Reg says...

    This was very refreshing. Thank you!

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