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Mother Essentials: Jeanne Chan of Harlow & Grey

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Next up sharing her Mother Essentials is none other than Jeanne Chan, the founder of chic party supply company Harlow & Grey and the voice behind lifestyle blog Shop Sweet Things. The San Francisco-based mother of two (Hayden, 7, and Hadley, 5), has been curating a mix of interesting products (at a variety of price points) on her site for nearly a decade now, so it is no wonder that her Mother Essentials list does not disappoint. Check out her current must-haves below.

Peppermint Halo. “I carry this cooling blend by Saje wherever I go! My neck and shoulders get tense very easily and this helps me relax while working on my computer. I also love sniffling on it when I need to take a break. It helps me take deeper breaths, which I often forget to do. I also use it when I meditate.”
Saje Peppermint Halo Essential Oil Blend, $26.95, Amazon.

Slingbacks. “I recently purchased these flats and cannot stop wearing them! I wear a lot of neutrals and basics, so it’s nice that these flats are able to give my outfit a pop of color. Also, I just can’t get enough of the orange/rust hue!”
The V Slingback, $145, Everlane.

Bold Bag. “Similar to buying shoes, I’ve been investing more in my accessories than wardrobe. I haven’t been able to commit to buying a floral dress yet, but this Ditsy Floral cross-body bag will do!”
Midi Sack in Black Ditsy Floral, $325, Clare V.

Eye Coutour Cream. “I don’t normally splurge on expensive skincare, but this eye cream is so nourishing that it’s worth every penny. It lasts a good 6-8 months!”
Clé de Peau Beauté Intensive Eye Contour Cream, $260, Nordstrom.

Hello Shiso Hair Clips. “Clips so cute I want them for myself! The boba and french fries clips are my current favorites.”
Hello Shiso Hair Clips, $13, Hello Shiso.

Pretty Party Supplies. “Now that we own our new home, I’m naturally doing more entertaining with friends and family. But the clean-up and dishes afterwards are always my least favorite, so I like to keep a stash of my disposable party supplies around to make entertaining easy while not giving up on style.”
Harlow & Grey Modern Party Supplies, $5.95-$12, Harlow & Grey.

Pink Terrazzo Notecard Set. “I always love collecting and keeping blank note cards around. I think they’re so versatile, whether it’s for a birthday card, thank you note, congrats message, or just because. I never have to worry about running out last minute to get a card.”
Ferme A Papier Pink Terrazzo Set, $18, Ferme A Papier.

Alpha Beta Daily Peel. “I’m all about at-home beauty solutions. This daily exfoliating peel by Dr. Dennis Gross has been my nighttime ritual to help even out skin tone after a break-out.”
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Smooth & Flawless: Peel + Moisturize, $48, Sephora.

Wine. “A day of hard work would not be complete without a glass of rosé!”
Adorada Rosé, $20, Poppy & Quail.

Pink Leggings. “Since leggings are pretty much my BFF these days, I might as well wear some cool ones.”
Outdoor Voices 3/4 Two-Tone Leggings, $85, Outdoor Voices.

Clearing Treatment. “I always keep an emergency bottle of acne treatment from my aesthetician Kimmy Williams of AES for those stubborn break-outs.”
AES Clearing Treatment Primo, $32, AES Beauty.

Littlefund. “I love this new gifting app I’m using for my kids! Over the years, my girls have accumulated more than enough toys and I think the last thing they need is another Barbie house. This new app allows my daughters to set goals for themselves—whether to take ice-skating lessons, a trip to Disneyland, or a new Lego playset—and people can gift money towards my daughters’ goals when their birthday or holidays rolls around. It makes today’s gifting intentional and my children gets to learn about the importance of money along the way.”
Littlefund, free, Littlefund.co.

Rosemary Repel Conditioning Spray. “I spray this on my kids’ hair every morning before they go to school. It not only acts as a conditioner to detangle their crazy bedheads, but it’s also a repellent to those not-so-friendly hair bugs.”
Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Daily Kid Conditioning Spray for Lice Prevention, $10.40, Amazon.

Silk Robe. “Since I work from home and care for my kids at the same time, I’m in sweatshirts and leggings on most of the days. When the evenings come, especially on a Friday, it’s nice to take a long, hot shower and slip into something a little more luxurious like a pretty silk robe to unwind.”
Handpainted Lotus Kimono Robe, $158, Kim + Ono.

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