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Ash Goh Hua

The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Ash Goh Hua

A beautiful new short film explores motherhood and forgiveness. (YouTube, The New Yorker)

TikTok has a new 60-minute time limit for kids. However, they can click right through it. (Vox)

Beloved internet star Ms. Rachel is taking a break from social media after receiving backlash for letting a non-binary character on her kid-centric channel. (NBC)

Keke Palmer had her baby boy, Leodis “Leo.” (Instagram)

It’s three years since the start of the pandemic and many kids still aren’t showing up to school. (NPR)

Kids’ screen time use has also remained high since being triggered by the lockdown. (Ed Week)

How to help young people cut back on screen time, and feel better about how they look in the process. (NPR)

Jane Fonda says she “didn’t know how” to be a young mother, but now that she knows better, she’s trying to do better. (Vanity Fair)

A new online tool is hoping to help teens flag and take down revenge porn and other explicit images. (AP News)

One mother’s experience with postpartum psychosis. (Time)

Hoda Kotb on overcoming feelings of being “undeserving” of motherhood. (Yahoo!)

More teens are turning to TikTok for mental health advice and are self-diagnosing. (CBS)

Behind the exhibit And, Ain’t I a Mother?, which explores Black motherhood. (VCU News)

A new Women’s History Month collab sweatshirt between Joey Wölffer x Leallo. (Leallo)

New steps by China to help curb internet addition in kids. (Reuters)

A promising RSV drug could soon be available for babies. (NPR)

Understanding the rise in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NASH) in American children. (USA Today)

What’s up next for the scientiest He Jiankui, credited with creating the first genetically edited babies. (AP News)

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