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We Want To Read: Much Loved

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Via Mark Nixon

From their worn-in, been-everywhere appearance to their matted fur and signature stench, there’s something about our children’s loveys that make them irresistibly charming, even if they are downright disgusting. Irish photographer Mark Nixon concurs, creating a book (which was originally an exhibition, then a blog) chronicling the lives of sixty-five stuffed animals that all look like they’ve seen better days.

From rabbits with missing eyes to bears with dismembered (and sometimes reconstructed) limbs, and even a bear from U2’s Bono, Nixon lists each animal’s age and an in-a-nutshell tale about their lives next to his stunning portraits.

Overall, these artful, cuddly images all tell a sentimental story of childhood comfort that has us looking at our little ones’ favorite toys with a little more reverence.

Much Loved, $14.64, Amazon.

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