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Natural Ways To De-Stress

Written by Mindy White

Photography by Photo via Imgkid

With the craziness that every day brings, it’s no wonder you’re reading this particular article. We all suffer from stress every once in a while. Heck, some of us don’t know a day without stress. Sometimes a glass of wine or a bar of chocolate just isn’t enough to settle our anxiety. Before you seek a doctor’s help for answers, which could include prescription medicines, why not try these all-natural options. Homeopathic methods can work just as well, sometimes even better, than some drugs. Try out our list of great natural remedies to help you chill out for proof.

  • Bach’s Rescue Remedy is designed to help with immediate problems, with a blend of flowers known to help aid anxiety, trauma, shock, worry, panic, fatigue, and more. For those who need a more long-term solution, try Bach’s Flower Blends.
  • Boiron Sedalia Homeopathic Medicine. These homeopathic tablets work naturally with your body to fight anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, irritability, and hypersensitivity due to stress. It’s non-habit forming and has no side effects or drug interactions. You simply dissolve tablets in your mouth when feelings arise.
  • Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil. Essential oils are known to aid all sorts of problems in the body, even stress. This specifically formulated oil naturally reduces stress and elevates the mind. You can use this oil topically on the skin, aromatic through a diffuser, or internally diluted in water. Bonus—it smells incredible!
  • Aveeno Active Naturals Stress Relief Foaming Bath. This calming bath potion works to relax the body and relieve stress with the help of lavender, chamomile, and ylang ylang. Follow up with Aveeno Active Naturals Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion for optimum results.
  • Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea. Kava has been known for its ability to relax the mind and body, encouraging a calming state and good night’s sleep. It’s 100% all-natural, non-GMO, and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health Liquid Phyto-Capsules If you prefer supplements to oils and tabs, this is the perfect solution for you. This formula supports healthy adrenals, which are the glands that produce our hormones. The formula also promotes a healthy adaptation and calm response to stress. It’s all-natural, free of heavy metal toxicity, and laboratory-tested for purity.
  • Natural Calm. A calcium and magnesium powder supplement that balances the levels in your body. Too much calcium and not enough magnesium can cause stress.
  • Other methods to incorporate are exercising daily, and before you roll your eyes at the idea, we don’t mean hitting the gym. A simple 15-minute walk or jog will help! One theory holds that aerobic exercise can increase your levels of norepinephrine, a chemical that helps the brain deal with stress more efficiently.
  • Add some yoga or pilates into your week to relieve both body and mind stresses. Yoga meditation is used my millions around the world to relax and rejuvenate the mind.
  • Eat well and drink water. You hear it all the time because it’s a known truth. What you put into your body becomes your body. If you’re eating junk, you’ll feel like junk—it’s simple.
  • Treat yourself to a massage. Not only with this help to physically relax your muscles, but it’s also a surefire way to unwind your mind and take a load off.

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