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How To Celebrate The New Year With Kids


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Ringing in the New Year goes a little differently than it did before we had kids. That is, unless you can find a babysitter that is willing to forgo celebrating the ball drop herself…and trust us when we tell you that finding a (non-relative) caregiver on a late-night holiday like NYE is hard to do. Not to worry, parents, there are plenty of ways to include the kids in the celebration, whether they can make it until midnight or not. Browse our kid-friendly New Year’s Eve bash ideas below and get read to count down!

Dress Up. Make the night special by putting on your New Year’s best. Wear that sequin dress you would have worn if you were heading out to a party. Let the kids don a pretty dress or necktie, give them a special hairdo, and wear mama’s perfume or dad’s cologne. They will be excited and ready to celebrate! Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you can’t feel fancy.

NYE Party Supplies. A quick trip to your local party store is all it takes. Blow up balloons, get New Year’s top hats, and headbands or party glasses that read 2015! New Year’s crackers and poppers or silly string is also a good idea to add to the festivities and fun!

Bring On The Food. Instead of making dinner on New Year’s Eve, make a variety of delicious appetizers that the family will love. Make sure to whip up some kid favorites like mini pigs in a blanket, queso and chips, spinach and artichoke dip, pizza bites, fresh vegetables and ranch, or anything on a stick. Make sure to prepare a few that adults will love, too—just because there are kids at your party doesn’t mean you need to eat like one. Don’t forget the dessert! Chocolate-covered strawberries, cookies, or cake will always make the kids smile.

Fizzy Drinks. Champagne and NYE go hand in hand. Let the kids feel included in your New Year’s toast by giving them something special to drink. Apple juice in a big-kid cup or something sparkling, like Martinelli’s, for the older kids in plastic champagne flutes!

Play Games. Have a game night, including interactive games like charades, Pictionary, and Twister! Or create you own family-friendly “Minute To Win It” obstacles for you all to try or you can take them to virtual reality arcade to enjoy virtual reality games. You can also create a fun scavenger hunt for the kids to find small treasures if boredom sets in.

Make Some Goals. Create a list of goals together as a family. Things that you all want to achieve in the new year. Whether it’s traveling to see the coasts, taking a trip to Disney, or going camping. Have the kids think about personal goals that they can write down, too!

NYE Surprise Bags. Fill small bags with party favors! Think birthday party favor bags, but New Year’s themed. Confetti, dum-dums, miniature animals, card games, and more. The kids will love getting to sort through their NYE loot!

Countdown Early. If you have little ones that you need to keep on a schedule, have no fear, Netflix created a countdown, for this very reason. You can turn it on right before bed time or any time you gauge the kids are getting tired and ready for bed. Or, some parents opt to have a “Noon Year’s Party” with the littles, rather than trying to make it a late night.

Kiss At Midnight. Of course, you should kiss your kiddos when the clock strikes 12, but make it extra sweet by giving them each a Hershey’s Kiss! You might even get to kiss your partner while they’re busy with their chocolate.

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