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5 YouTube Workouts To Try While Baby Naps

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Image via DuJour

As mothers, we have little time to do much of anything besides care for our children, which can make getting back to our pre-pregnancy figures seem impossible. Why not take advantage of your little one’s nap time and take a few minutes for yourself? Even if you can only commit to 10 minutes of toning while baby’s snoozing, it can do a world of wonder for your body (and mind). Here, we’ve gather five incredible YouTube workouts that deliver results, right in your living room. From a postnatal routine that is go-at-your-own-pace, to popular barre exercises and yoga, we’ve got something for everyone, that all consist of low-impact, simple, and quiet movements to help you get back in shape.

Postnatal – Workout After Childbirth. Fitness goddess Tracy Anderson leads us in a workout with traditional crunches, curls, and planks. Ideal for new moms who want to get back in shape, but don’t want to push themselves too hard. Great for beginners. This workout encourages participants to put in as much time as they can spare. 55 minutes.

Walking Workout – Belly Buns & Thighs Walk Workout. This full-length, easy indoor walking workout led by Jessica Smith TV (and her helpful assistant Peanut) proves that low impact movements can provide big, long-lasting results. Great for beginners. 42 minutes.

Yoga – Yoga Workout For The Ultimate Bikini Body. PopSugar and “yogi” Mandy Ingber team up to provide a slow-paced, strengthening workout that tones the body while relaxing the mind. Great for beginners. 33 minutes.

Barre – Get A Dancer’s Barre Body. This Barre Body workout helps tone your entire body by combining yoga, pilates, and ballet barre. It’s a workout for the body and soul. Great for beginners. 10 minutes.

Quiet Cardio – Fat Burning Cardio Low Impact. Jessica Smith TV is known for her walking workouts, but this certified instructor shows us that cardio doesn’t have to mean loud, joint-jerking movements. Great for intermediate trainees. 35 minutes.

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