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Holy Sh*t You’re Pregnant! Now What?

Written by Patrice D'Agostino

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Whether you planned it carefully or it came as a surprise, there it is staring you in the face via an at-home pregnancy test. You’re with child! After thoroughly freaking out both internally and externally, you probably have one huge question mounting: What now? Your (somewhat short) answer, below.

• Makes an appointment for a blood test to confirm your pregnancy
• Check with your health insurance to see what is and isn’t covered
• Choose a doctor or midwife to provide prenatal care and deliver your little one
• Schedule your first prenatal appointment early in your first trimester
• Maintain your current workout regimen or if you’ve been on a fitness break, start a new simple routine
• Decide where you’d prefer to give birth (hospital, birthing center, or at-home)
• Take time for R&R—naps are essential for you and baby

• Eat organic. At the very least, make sure to purchase the “dirty dozen” organic to limit pesticide exposure
• Consume leafy greens daily as a whole food source for folate and fiber
• Take prenatal vitamins to get in the extra nutrients you might miss in your daily diet
• Add or increase your probiotic intake and your tummy will thank you
• Drink filtered water to reduce your exposure to toxins and chlorine
• Eat grass-fed pastured meats and wild-caught low-mercury fish, like salmon or cod
• Stop alcohol and drug consumption
• With advice from your doctor, stop taking potentially harmful prescription drugs
• Say bye-bye to sushi—raw fish may carry pathogens
• Say no to potluck fare, which tends to sit in environments without temperature controls
• Steer clear of unpasteurized dairy to avoid contracting listeria. Always opt for hard cheeses over soft varieties, like brie, feta, blue cheese, and queso fresco. Plus, no raw milk or yogurt

• Keep having sex!
• Talk about your parenting plans and goals
• Keep up with date nights
• Hold hands—it sounds cheesy but you won’t do much of that once baby arrives
• Take lots of pictures because soon there will always be a new addition to your photo sessions
• Develop a labor and postpartum support plan
• Sign up for birthing and newborn care classes

• Enjoy pregnancy-friendly facials (no chemical peels!)
• Purchase a luxurious body butter or oil to help soothe your soon-to-stretch skin
• Say goodbye to toxic manicures and embrace eco-friendly options
• Invest in a few chic maternity pieces for your wardrobe
• Keep up with your haircuts, you’ll thank yourself later
• Hold off on coloring your hair until baby arrives, again to avoid those pesky toxins

• Take belly shots, whether you do this weekly, monthly, or ever-so-often, they’re great to have
• Travel, just make sure all international travel is cleared with your doctor and complete before you’re full-term
• Start a pregnancy diary that you can gift to your child one day

• You can wait until 14-20 weeks to tell your employer about your pregnancy
• We recommend telling your HR department first, and getting details about maternity leave offered. Then tell your managers

Baby Stuff
• We suggest holding off on any registry-building until the second trimester, and thinking about having a baby shower a couple of months before your due date
• If you opt to, you can find out the sex of your child at 20 weeks (and sometimes sooner)


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