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Baby Names

What Presidents Name Their Kids

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Via MountVernon.org

With today marking President’s Day and the celebration of George Washington’s birth, alongside the achievements of all 44 U.S. presidents, we thought it only right to draw up a little history lesson that just so happens to touch on one of our favorite topics: baby names. Yep. We combed the web to bring you this list of presidential offspring. While compiling the roundup, we weren’t only shocked to see just how many kids some of our early presidents fathered, but also saddened to see how many children didn’t make it through birth, infanthood, and childhood. Not to mention, the fuzzy math on just how many “illegitimate” children, some born to slaves, have been poorly accounted for. On a more cheerful note, there’s some fascinating stuff below—from shifting family sizes to trends in monikers (and nicknames). Have at it!

1. George Washington—Stepchildren John (“Jacky”) and Martha (“Patsy”).
2. John Adams—Abigail (“Nabby,” “Amelia”), John Quincy, Susanna (“Suky”), Charles, Thomas, and Elizabeth.
3. Thomas Jefferson—With Martha Jefferson: Martha (“Patsy”), Jane, Mary (“Polly,” “Maria”), Lucy Elizabeth I, Lucy Elizabeth II, an unnamed son; Alleged children with Sally Hemings: Thomas (“Tom”), Harriet, Edy, William, Thenia, Harriet II, James, Eston.
4. James Madison—Stepchildren John and William.
5. James Monroe—Elizabeth Kortright, James Spence, Maria Hester.
6. John Quincy Adams—George Washington, John II, Charles Francis, Louisa Catherine, and an unnamed son.
7. Andrew Jackson—Adopted children Andrew Jr. and Lyncoya; Served as guardian to John Samuel, two other Andrew Jr.’s, Daniel Smith, Caroline, Eliza Eleanor, Edward George, and Anthony Wayne.
8. Martin Van Buren—Abraham, John, Martin Jr., Winfield Scott, Smith Thompson, and an unnamed daughter.
9. William Henry Harrison—Elizabeth Bassett (“Betsy”), John Cleves, Lucy Singleton, William Henry Jr., John Scott, Benjamin, Mary Symmes, Carter Bassett, Anna, James Findlay, Dilsia.
10. John Tyler—Mary, Robert, John Jr., Letitia (“Letty”), Elizabeth (“Lizzie”), Anne Contesse, Alice, Tazewell, John William, David, John Alexander (“Alex”), Julia, Lachlan, Lyon, Robert Fitzwalter, Pearl.
11. James K. Polk—Legal ward Marshall Tate.
12. Zachary Taylor—Anne Margaret, Sarah (“Knox,” “Knoxie”), Octavia Pannel, Margaret Smith, Mary Elizabeth (“Betty”), Richard.
13. Millard Fillmore—Millard Powers, Mary Abigail (“Abby”).
14. Franklin Pierce—Franklin Pierce Jr., Franklin Robert, Benjamin (“Bennie”).
15. James Buchanan—Adopted children Mary Elizabeth, Harriet Rebecca.
16. Abraham Lincoln—Robert Todd, Edward Baker (“Eddie”), William Wallace (“Willie”), Thomas (“Tad”).
17. Andrew Johnson—Martha, Charles, Mary, Robert, Andrew Jr.
18. Ulysses S. Grant—Frederick Dent, Ulysses Jr. (“Buck”), Ellen Wrenshall (“Nellie”), Jesse Root.
19. Rutherford B. Hayes—Sardis Birchard, James Webb, Rutherford Platt, Joseph Thompson (“Jody”), George Crook, Frances (“Fanny”), Scott Russell, Manning Force.
20. James A. Garfield—Eliza Arabella (“Trot”), Harry Augustus (“Hal”), James Rudolph, Mary (“Mollie”), Irvin McDowell, Abram, Edward.
21. Chester A. Arthur—William Lewis, Chester Alan, Ellen Herndon (“Nell”).
22. Grover Cleveland—Oscar Folsom.
23. Benjamin Harrison—Russell Benjamin, Mary Scott (“Mamie”), Elizabeth, and an unnamed daughter.
24. Grover Cleveland—Ruth (“Baby Ruth”), Esther, Marion, Richard Folsom (“Dick”), Francis.
25. William McKinley—Katherine (“Katie”), Ida.
26. Theodore Roosevelt—Alice Lee (“Princess Alice”), Theodore Jr. (“Ted”), Kermit, Ethel Carow, Archibald Bulloch (“Archie”), Quentin (“Quentyquee,” “Quinikins”).
27. William Howard Taft—Robert Alphonso, Helen Herron, Charles Phelps.
28. Woodrow Wilson—Margaret Woodrow (“Nistha”), Jessie Woodrow, Eleanor Randolph.
29. Warren G. Harding—Stepchild Marshall Eugene (“Pete”), and alleged daughter Elizabeth Ann (“Emma,” “Ann”).
30. Calvin Coolidge—John, Calvin Jr.
31. Herbert Hoover—Herbert Clark, Allan.
32. Franklin D. Roosevelt—Anna Eleanor, James (“Jimmy”), Franklin Jr., Elliott, Franklin Jr. II, John Aspinwall.
33. Harry S. Truman—Mary Margaret.
34. Dwight D. Eisenhower—Doud Dwight (“Icky”), John Sheldon.
35. John F. Kennedy—Caroline Bouvier, John Fitzgerald Jr. (“John-John”), Patrick Bouvier.
36. Lyndon B. Johnson—Lynda Bird, Luci Baines.
37. Richard Nixon—Patricia (“Tricia”), Julie.
38. Gerald Ford—Michael Gerald, John Gardner (“Jack”), Steven Meigs, Susan Elizabeth.
39. Jimmy Carter—John William (“Jack”), James Earl (“Chip”), Donnell Jeffrey (“Jeff”), Amy Lynn.
40. Ronald Reagan—Maureen, Michael, Christine, Patti, Ron.
41. George H. W. Bush—George W., Pauline Robinson, John E. (“Jeb”), Neil, Marvin, Dorothy (“Doro”).
42. Bill Clinton—Chelsea Victoria.
43. George W. Bush—Barbara Pierce, Jenna Welch.
44. Barack Obama—Malia Ann, Natasha (“Sasha”).

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