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Mother Stories

At Home With Priscilla Gragg

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Priscilla Gragg

As we spend more and more time at home, chances are you might be glancing around your space and looking to make some simple (or big!) tweaks. Luckily, today’s profile on Northern California-dwelling, Brazilian-rooted mama and photographer Priscilla Gragg serves up some major interiors inspo. The shutterbug and art director, who specializes in children’s photography, knows a thing or two about casual elegance that’s also kid-proof. As her daughters Naya and Bia prove in these pics, their mom has no problem letting them jump on the couch to their heart’s content or customize their rooms to showcase their personalities. It’s all rather perfectly imperfect, and a hallmark of Priscilla’s work. Take a look at their space, as well as Priscilla’s musings on motherhood, non-existent “me time,” political change, and more!

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