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Gift Guide: 40+ Self-Care Gifts For Mother’s Day

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

For all the mamas out there, we know self-care is essential. We also know that taking care of oneself can come in many different forms. If you’re anything like us, your self-care wishlist likely includes a mix of intangibles (meditation, yoga, and carving out some much-needed solo time, however you can get it), and tangibles (favorite lotions, potions, a good book, fuzzy slippers, etc.). Today, of course, self-care might look a little bit different than it did a few months ago. Perhaps it’s slipping on a pair of earrings for a FaceTime happy hour or switching out your sweats for a roomy robe or house dress that feels (but doesn’t look) like a muumuu. Whatever your own list looks like, we’ve pulled together over 40 self-care gifts below that are sure to enhance your “me” time.

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