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Small Space Solution: How To Share An Office & Nursery

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photos Courtesy of Stylish and Hip Kids

Especially for city-dwellers, coming up with inventive small-space solutions when bringing a baby into the fold becomes a way of life. And for work-from-home parents who just can’t give up their office nook, combining your workspace with your new nursery is often first resort. To get a peek at how one does this in an elegant manner, we tapped Brooklyn resident Regine Raab. With stints at Marc Jacobs and Adam Lippes under her belt before founding the fashion-forward doggy accessory brand Waggo, Raab knows a little something about style. Below, she breaks down some of her tips for sharing an office and nursery successfully.

Storage boxes and bins are your friend. “They help not only conceal all of your office and baby supplies, but they are also easy to stack and create more storage space.”

Install a big bookshelf. “You can display all of the baby books alongside your storage boxes, toys, and supplies.”

Create a consistent color palette. “By keeping the colors consistent in the room, it will make the design feel more cohesive and the room will feel larger and more organized.”

Find items that do double-duty. “Buy a dresser that can be used as clothing storage, a changing table, and storage for baby supplies all in one. If you have room left over, you can designate some space to store office supplies or paperwork.”

Think minimal. “Inherently, babies come with a lot of ‘stuff.’ Err on the side of having as little furniture and gear in the room as possible and use closets to store any office paperwork or supplies that you don’t need to access regularly.”

Think vertically. “Buy wall hooks for clothing and linens, baskets that can be stacked, and a laundry bag that can be hung up to save your floor space for the furniture.”

Keep things compact. “Compact furniture will help your space feel larger. With all of the different things you need to fit in the space, it’s best to stay away from oversized furniture. Instead, go for a slim rocking chair that can be used as the baby grows up and a desk that doesn’t have a lot of unused desk space taking up room.”

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