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Mother Essentials: Shun Moore

Written by Erin Feher

We are so exited to introduce you to today’s Mother Essentials mama. Shun Moore is our favorite kind of entrepreneur—the inspiration for her company came straight from the heart. When Shun gave birth to her third child, a baby girl named Marlo Bea, she started thinking more deeply about her family’s rich heritage, and what it meant to be a black African American family with Asian/Pacific Island, Hispanic, and European roots. She also felt a strong tug towards expressing herself creatively. So, just a few short months after Marlo Bea the baby girl was born, Marlo Bea the company was, too. Shun designed (and handmade!) a selection of colorful head wraps for all ages—but that happen to be extra adorable on tiny little heads. Shun says, “It is important that our children are raised with self-awareness, and sometimes growing up mixed can make things a little tricky. One of the main goals for this company is to represent people of color and create an opportunity for families to not only represent, but teach their culture through self expression.” She says her new venture is dedicated not only to her own children (Isaiah Mac, 10, Amya, 7, and Marlo Bea, 8 months), but to her great-grandmothers Mildred and Beatrice, who hail from New Orleans and Guam, respectively, and whom, in Shun’s words: “Sit at the top of my tree.” Check out Shun’s full list of Mother Essentials below, and then be sure to click over to her Instagram feed and check out her wraps—and her sweet fam modeling them like pros!

Fur-Lined Birkenstocks.  “I discovered these a few years ago and never looked back. They are super comfy and in my opinion good for all occasions: dropping my kids off, grabbing coffee with my girls, or taking out the trash.” Birkenstock Arizona Shearling, $149.99, Zappos

Putty Duck Wubba Nub. “Marlo depends on a paci for comfort and I wanted to find one that didn’t look like all of her buddies’ and one that had a duck, because I love ducks. The Wubbanub itself keeps us from losing her pacifier and from bouncing across the entire room when it falls…it’s a struggle.” WubbaNub Soft Toy and Infant Pacifier, $17.49, Amazon.

Snack Bars. “Aside from my kids always asking for a snack, as a milk-making mama, I also need snacks on deck at all times. Fig bars seem to keep me from hanger and guilt.” Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars, $6.18 (12-pack), Amazon.

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag. “When my husband and I decided to have another baby, I knew exactly what bag I wanted. Not only have I always loved Susan Petersen’s story of how she started her company, but I love her products, as well, and this diaper bag does all of the tricks I need it to do. It makes me feel like Mary Poppins.” Classic Diaper Bag, $175, Freshly Picked

Solly Baby Wrap. “Okay, so this is a new essential and I wish I discovered it sooner. I always wanted to wrap my baby, but tried other wraps and found them to be thick and hot. The Solly Wrap is so light weight, yet comfortable and sturdy for my baby.” Solly Baby Wrap, $65, Solly Baby

Pearl Earrings or Gold Hoops. “I need to always have earrings on, typically pearls for everyday or my gold hoops when I want to say, ‘hey, girl, hey.'” Large Perfect Basic, Not So Basic Hoop, $44, Cocoacentric

Razor Scooters. “The trunk of my car will never be empty, because it’s the equipment closet of fun for my kids. However, the scooters never leave, because there isn’t a day that goes by when they don’t ask to use them.” Razor A Kick Scooter, $41.39, Amazon

Hydro Flask. “My family loves eating sweets, so we try to minimize drinking them and commit to water as much as we can. I try to keep a large flask filled, because my kids always forget theirs.” Hydro Flask 32 oz. Wide Mouth Water Bottle, $79.99, Amazon.

Hand Sanitizer. “I know the arguments against antibacterial products, but I use them quite a bit and this one doesn’t have as many harsh ingredients.” Everyone Coconut + Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray, $16.01, Amazon.

Fresh Face Wash. “I don’t have much time in the mornings to get ready, nor the energy to apply several products each day, and my soy face wash from Fresh does the trick! My face feels clean and moisturized like I just had a facial.” Fresh Soy Face Wash, $38, Sephora.

Aquaphor. “This is mostly used for our lips, but is kept in my bag for pretty much all things dry.” Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment, $3.97, Amazon.

iPhone. “I’m not huge on phone calls, but I love my phone for all of its resources, especially the camera and notes. I am constantly creating, brainstorming, drafting, you name it, in my notes and would be lost without it.” iPhone X, from $599, Apple

Lululemon Leggings. “I pretty much live in my leggings, and they must have pockets because my phone will disappear along with my keys if not. They feel like a second skin, plus I like that I can either run or do absolutely nothing in them.” Fast and Free High-Rise Crop Leggings, $118, Lululemon

Sharpie Markers. “I have all colors, but need to keep at least one in my bag or car for quick labeling. Whether it’s an item for the kids or for packages full of head wraps getting sent out, they always come in handy.” Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Markers, $11.69, Amazon

Crave Brush. “Have you seen my middle child’s hair?? Just over a month ago, there were two of us in the house with waist-length curls and this brush keeps tears and tangles away!” Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush, $10.77, Amazon

Jack and Bay Teether. “Who doesn’t love a custom teether that you can attach to absolutely anything or change several ways?!” Darling Teething Rattle, $22, Jack & Bay.

Marlo Bea Head Wrap. “I love our head wraps because I can put them on with any outfit, not just Marlo’s, but for Amya and myself. On my way out of the door, I always grab a wrap to add to at least one of our outfits.” Marlo Bea Head Wraps, $15, Marlo Bea

YouVersion Bible App. “This is a must for me. Each and every day I start it with a scripture or two that I can reflect on and carry as I navigate throughout the day. There’s nothing like a little inspiration to keep me lifted, especially through motherhood.” YouVersion Bible App, free, YouVersion

Bossmom T-Shirt. “I love a good t-shirt that fits well and feels well—one I can wear with jeans, sweats, or nothing, and that’s my Bossmom nation tee.” Classic Bossmom Crew Neck T-Shirt, $32.99, Bossmom Nation.

Pinna Audio App. “This app is amazing and keeps screen time in the car to almost zero on most days. My kiddos listen to podcasts and stories and believe it or not…they don’t fight when it’s on.” Pinna.

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