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30+ Signs You’re Officially A “Mom”

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano


It’s the week leading up to Mother’s Day, which means celebrating all things maternal is where it’s at. To kick it all off, we thought we’d compile a just-for-fun list of 30+ signs that mark your official entrée into “mom-dom.” Got some to add? (Or refute?) We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

-A shower feels like a spa day.

-An actual spa day feels like a sabbatical.

-You love Amazon Prime. Like, sincerely, utterly love it.

-You daydream of sleep and naps more than anything else.

-Mondays are one of your favorite days of the week, because your kids go back to school/daycare.

-Cheddar bunnies and Cheerios are now a staple of your diet.

-You are well-versed in the bizarre YouTube “unboxing” videos.

-You’ve considered creating your own “unboxing” video series for the money.

-You feel like you need a vacation from your family “vacation.”

-You can’t stop rocking your body, even when your newborn is out of your arms.

-Your phone is your real “Brest Friend” (even after the breastfeeding days).

-You believe that Frozen and “Let It Go” have some sort of kid-crack laced through them.

-An exciting “date night” might consist of a Game of Thrones session on the couch.

-You love leggings. (Not ironically)

-You love Target.

-You love Trader Joe’s.

-You know all the words to the Thomas & Friends, Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol, etc. theme songs.

-You know exactly what “mom boobs” means.

-You often liken yourself to Superwoman (either in your head or out loud).

-You no longer look at a firetruck or construction site without a twinge of enthusiasm.

-You use and love the library.

-You use and love public parks.

-You’ve at one time or another fallen into the rabbit hole that is BabyCenter’s community forums.

-Suddenly everything’s a “party”—dance party, pizza party, pancake party, potty party.

-Sometimes you feel like throwing your kid against a wall (totally normal, just don’t do it).

-You know at least three My Little Pony names. Same goes for Thomas & Friends.

-You give high-fives.

-You use the words “play date” and “screen time” more than you ever thought you would.

-Your weekends are centered around birthday parties.

-Your phone’s storage capacity is always maxed, but you still can’t bring yourself to delete those pictures of your kid blinking.

-Multitasking (as in pumping, answering emails, and brushing your teeth all at once) is a way of life.

-The idea of “practical” clothing now makes sense.

-The backseat of your car resembles a pig pen.

-Nothing makes you as giddy as those times when you find yourself work-free and child-free.

-You often catch yourself behaving like a total dork, for your kid’s sake.

-You are tremendously thankful for your fellow mom friends who just “get” you.

-You feel like you’ve just fallen in love. Daily.

Happy Mother’s Day, mamas!

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