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30 Things To Do This Spring

Written by Leith Tigges

Photography by Katherine Kleveland, photographed by Nicki Sebastian

We’re ready to say goodbye to gloomy, winter days and hello to some much-welcomed sunshine! While cold weather is ideal for cozying up and staying in, we’re drawn to the outdoors, the arrival of budding blooms, and breezy, fresh air. And, it’s all just around the corner! As soon as the sun peeks out from between the clouds and temperatures start to rise, we’re looking to get a jump start on all of our favorite activities reserved for sunny days. Check out our spring to-do list, below, for 30 ideas that the whole family can enjoy this season!

Take A Hike: This can be as simple as a walk around the neighborhood or as adventurous as checking out the local hiking trails. Getting fresh air is great, and it’s even better with loved ones.

Picnic In The Park: Pack up a basket of your favorite sandwiches, finger foods, and snacks, and set up shop in a nearby park on a sunny day. Don’t forget your frisbee or kite!

Spend An Afternoon At The Library: Get your read on with the kiddos and explore your city’s local library. Get yourself a library card (for free!) And, while you’re there take home a pile of books to read.

Block Party Anyone?: As the weather warms up, use the opportunity to get to know your neighbors. Block off a section of your lawn or street and invite everyone over for a community pot luck or barbecue. Big or small, fancy or casual, everyone attending is sure to appreciate the friendly company.

Plan A Quick Trip: Whether you stay close to home or visit a far-off destination, getting the entire family together to start brainstorming a trip for later in the year will feel like a treat. Break out the map (and by that, we mean pull it up on the Internet) and have everyone in your family write down their dream destinations. Then, see which one makes the cut.

Celebrate Earth Day: Take advantage of this spring holiday by taking time to truly appreciate Mother Nature! Grab the kiddos and spend some time outdoors learning about recycling, or volunteer at a local green organization.

Plant A Garden: Spend a little time digging in the dirt with the kids, and choose some produce or flowers to plant! Your little ones will have a blast getting messy, and you’ll reap the benefits of fresh produce and blooms later on.

Herbs For The Kitchen: If an outdoor garden isn’t your style, try selecting a few herbs to keep on the windowsill in the kitchen. You can easily add them to dishes, and the fragrant greens will keep your space smelling lovely all season long. Not sure where to start? Lavender, thyme, mint, and rosemary are all great options!

Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market: Grab a reusable bag and hit your local farmer’s market to give your mini me’s a close-up look at great, fresh food! Be sure to ask the vendors to share their personal stories for an extra lesson on where food comes from for the kids.

Make A Bird Feeder: DIY a bird feeder for the backyard! It can be as easy as smearing a pinecone with peanut butter and bird seeds. Your kids will enjoy the time spent crafting, and your backyard will be full of friendly visitors later in the year.

Take A Trip To A Botanical Garden:  If spring hasn’t officially sprung where you live, explore the beautifully manicured gardens within your city! It’s a safe, indoor play time for the kids and a great way to get some fresh air, even if the temps are still on the chilly side.

Test A New Cuisine: Why not expand your palette this spring by tasting or cooking a new worldly dish? Ever had Coq Au Vin from France? What about Chicken Tagine from Morocco? Spend a day researching local restaurants that serve new and interesting dishes, or try making one on your own at home!

Craft Greeting Cards For Loved Ones: Break out the construction paper and crayons and get creative! Help you little ones design, decorate, and write a sweet note as a mailbox surprise for friends and relatives.

Hunt For Four-Leaf Clovers: While you’re out and about in nature, why not spend a warm, sunny day hunting for four-leaf clovers? Make a little scavenger hunt out of it that the entire family can enjoy.

Design Your Own Floral Arrangement: Little says “hello spring” the way fresh flowers do. Take a trip to your local farmer’s market (or even your backyard, if you have a garden) and pick up some of your favorite seasonal varieties. Watch a YouTube video on how to arrange them, and create something fresh and festive with the kids. Place them somewhere special, or if you want to go the extra mile, give them to someone you love!

Make A New No-Bake Treat: No-bake treats are a great option because they’re quick and easy desserts! Popsicles, pudding, and cookies are all delicious and require no time in the oven. Have the kids pick out their favorite recipes, and enjoy some time well-spent in the kitchen together.

Go For A Bike Ride: Gather the kids and grab your helmets for a family bike ride everyone will remember. It’s a great way to get a little exercise, spend some quality time together, and explore the community. If everyone in your family doesn’t own a bike, many cities offer bike sharing programs where you can rent them.

Put Together A Scrapbook: Break out the family photos, gather some unique clippings and craft supplies, and make a sentimental keepsake with the kids! Highlight a special moment in time or a hodgepodge of your favorite memories as a whole. Either way, both you and your kids will love taking a brief walk down memory lane. To make it even more fun, get the kids disposable film cameras and have them snap their own photos to develop and create a personal photo book.

Make Spray Chalk: Everyone loves chalk, but why not make your own? Just mix a dash of baking soda, food coloring, and cornstarch in a spray bottle, and voila! Your little ones will love getting to create art along the sidewalk or driveway, and the best news yet: it washes away with April showers.

Create A Mudslide: After it rains, let your littles break out their suits and roll around in the dirt. Hours of entertainment, guaranteed. For an added bonus, turn on the sprinklers, so they can rinse off and get clean while the fun continues.

Cozy Up In A Book Store: This can be such a fun activity, even on a rainy day! Spend an afternoon browsing the shelves, or research what events they have coming up on their calendar. Some stores offer story time readings, author signings, and more!

Fruit Stamps: Create the perfect kind of artwork to hang on the fridge! Grab some construction paper, paint, and chopped fruit, like apples, lemons, or oranges. Dip the citrus halves into your paint and stamp along the paper for a fun spring themed print!

Paint flowerpots: Pick up some clay pots (available at craft stores) for the kids to paint and decorate! Plant some pretty Petunias or Geraniums in the pots for a pop of color. It will be so fun to display a new project, and it’s a great memento for moms!

Put Together A Time Capsule: A nostalgic present for the future that the whole family can get in on! Throw in some family photos, newspaper clippings, letters, and mementos you hold dear. Hide the container away in your home or bury it outside, but make sure the container is weatherproof!

Write Letters To A Role Model: Have your kids write some fan mail to someone they admire. This can be a friend, relative, neighbor, activist—anyone the kiddos look up to! The recipient will appreciate the warm words, and your kiddos will learn the importance of a lost art.

Have A Movie Marathon: If the weather’s permitting, pop some popcorn, hang up a white sheet outside, and use a projector to view your favorite flicks. Put together a list of movies to watch together and spread some blankets out on the lawn. Try trilogies or movies with sequels if you’re stumped on what to watch.

Build A Fort: Is there a better way to spend some time with the kids while bringing out the inner child in you? Pile up the pillows and blankets and build a secret hideaway. Once inside, swap stories, watch a movie on your tablet, or sing songs.

Try Indoor Rock Climbing: Rock climbing can be a great physical activity for the whole family, and a an even better way for kids to try something new and burn extra energy! Check local gyms and venues for key times to go and special offers.

Make A Wind Chime: If you want to include another whimsical addition to your yard, why not create a homemade wind chime? Kids can use shells, cans, keys, or even silverware to put together one that’s completely unique and perfect for breezy days!

Make Stepping Stones: Craft some stepping stones for the garden or yard! Get creative with paints and textures, marbles, and mosaic tiles! Have the kiddos add their handprint to the stone to mark the occasion.

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