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Our Editors’ Spring Beauty Must-Haves

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to change things up. You’ve probably already put the coats away and started spring cleaning, but don’t forget to revamp your skincare and beauty bag, too. Spring is all about fresh, light, and bright, and all those heavy winter creams and hues just won’t do. That’s why we’ve decided to round up our favorite beauty must-haves below so you can get yourself (and beauty routine!) ready for the warmer temperatures.

James’ picks:

“I swear, everything from Glossier is gold! My new obsession is the recently released Brow Boy. It’s kind of like a miniature tube of mascara, but for your brows. I’m in love!” Brow Boy, $16, Glossier.

“As I age, I have noticed a lot of breakage when it comes to my hair. Not only am I trying to keep from tying it back as much, but I am also taking supplements to help speed-up regrowth and nourish with fatty-acids and vitamins.” Phytophanère Hair And Nails Dietary Supplement, $30, Sephora.

“Along with consciously taking better care of my hair, I have stopped using cheap, throw-away hair brushes. Mason Pearson is expensive, but it’s well worth the investment and is a brush that will literally last a lifetime. I carry it with me always.” Sensitive Boar Bristle Hairbrush, $200, Amazon.

“My friend Rebecca turned me onto this amazing illuminator from RMS, which gives the most beautiful, subtle glow to the skin. Apparently the Olson twins are big fans, too. Plus, it’s all natural—can’t beat that!” RMS Living Luminizer, $38, Amazon.

“With warm weather and sunshine comes harmful UV rays. Gotta protect mine and my babe’s skin with a strong SPF. I love this one because it has an easy spray-on application, which is a must with youngsters.” SPF 30 Original Spray Sunscreen, $17.57, Amazon.

“Another thing that comes along with spring weather is a whole lot of shine—on my face. I make sure to always have a pack of these blotting papers in my purse to help absorb excess oils when needed.” Tatcha Japanese Beauty Papers, $12, Sephora.

“This is the perfect combination of lip conditioning, plus a hint of spring color.” Olio E Osso lip shine, $tk, Two Son.

“Every time I place an order from Glossier I receive one of these pink, bubble wrap pouches—one comes free with purchase, but now you can buy them five at a time. I use them for so many things; makeup, kid’s snacks, keeping small things handy my purse, and they are especially great when traveling to hold all of your liquids, so you can lose the Ziplock baggy.” 5 Pink Pouches, $20, Glossier.



Katie’s picks:

“I truly believe beauty is about more than what you put on your face, but also about nourishment, rest, wellness, etc. Jolene Hart, the author of Eat Pretty, has a new book out that guides one through the seasons, including an extensive list of beauty foods and suggestions of things to eliminate from your diet. The daily journal helps you take stock of what you’ve consumed and also how it makes you feel.” Eat Pretty, Live Well: A Guided Journal For Nourishing Beauty, Inside and Out, $10.96, Amazon.

“Speaking of beauty foods, drinking juice is a great way to load up on nutrients and get that summer glow going. I love the local company Can Can Cleanse for just this reason.” Can Can Cleanse Juice 4-Pack, $39, Can Can Cleanse.

“I know hand soap might not seem like a beauty ‘must,’ but my skin is so sensitive to pore-clogging products, that I have to make sure everything from my detergent to my hand soap is what my aesthetician Kimmy Williams dubs ‘acne-safe’—a.k.a. non-comedogenic. Luckily this one is on the ‘okay’ list and it’s also one of my favorite scents.” Mrs. Meyer’s Basil Hand Soap 3-Pack, $10.41, Amazon.

“With coconut oil being one of the most comedogenic substances, it’s hard to find a good lipstick that’s also ‘safe’ for my acne-prone skin. This light pink version by Colorganics fortunately passes the test and is a nice daily go-to.” Colorganics Pink Satin Lipstick, $19.95, Amazon.

“Somehow over the last few months my 3-year-old son has made it back into our bed and we’re doing the whole co-sleeping thing again. Even though we hope it’s not a long-term solution, we’re not fighting it for the time being and enjoying all of the snuggles. Of course, that means ‘cuddle acne’ can rear its ugly head, so I make sure Diego is ‘safe’ as well, with a yummy-smelling body wash that I can rub my face all over!” Jason Antioxidant Cranberry Pure Natural Body Wash, $14.57, Amazon.

“The new season calls for a lighter polish that goes great with sun-kissed skin. I like the idea of a light gray and I’ve know a few cool ladies who don this foggy hue.” Dove Nail Color, $18, RGB.

“Now that we’ve invested in a bi-weekly cleaning service (life-changer!) my tub is consistently clean enough that I could contemplate a bath here and there. My biz partner James swears by Lush’s bath bombs and I’m willing to give them a whirl. Bonus: This one is pretty to look at and has sweet notes like vanilla, which I’m into.” The Experimenter
Bath Bomb, $8.95, Lush.

“I’ve simplified my beauty routine so much that I no longer need a huge makeup bag. Something sleek like this version by S.F.-based BAGGU fits the bill.” BAGGU Leather Clutch, $29, Amazon.

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