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Family Activities

Spring Break Fun On A Budget

Written by Anna Jacobs

Photography by Elisa Restrepo, Photographed by Kisha Bari

Are you looking forward to spring break as much as your kids are? We are, too! Thanks to Daylight Savings, these longer, sunshine-filled days are upon us and the upcoming break is the perfect time to embrace the change in season and have a little fun with the kiddos. A spring trip can come with a hefty price tag, making for a week that’s more stressful than it is relaxing, so we’ve thought up some great family-friendly activities that stay close to home, so your family can enjoy the time off without breaking the bank.

Embrace the Outdoors. Do you have a fourth grader? This year the National Park Service is offering free passes to fourth graders and their families as part of their Every Kid in a Park campaign. Take advantage of this awesome pass, and explore our country’s National Parks and historical sites. Bring a pair of binoculars for some epic rounds of I Spy and come prepared with lots of songs to sing along on the car ride there.

Take a Technology Break. Along with taking time off from school, it can be so refreshing for both parents and kids to take a break from screen time. Consider limiting technology, aside from family movie night, favoring books, games, puzzles, and living room dance parties instead. All members will appreciate stepping away from digital demands in order to spend more quality time together, guaranteed!

Backyard Movie Party. If the weather permits, lay out the picnic blankets and unwind the string lights for a flick under the stars. Invite the neighborhood kids over and pick a family-friendly movie that everyone will love. You’re guaranteed a night of giggles, entertainment, and fun. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Take a Trip to the Library. Not only do libraries have free books, music, and movies, but many have free programing for kids, too. Attend afternoon story time, mommy-and-me yoga, or a fun music class together. While you’re there, pick out a few titles to read together back home. Another great idea: check out a fresh cookbook, hit the market, and choose a few treats to make together.

Plan a Picnic. Head to a local park for some lunchtime fun and a hefty dose of vitamin D. Pack some healthy snacks and sandwiches, and bring along a frisbee or kite. If the time permits, you could even try going for an early dinner in order to watch the sunset as a family.

Visit a Local Farm. There’s no better way to celebrate springtime than to take a trip to a local farm. Consider visiting an apiary, dairy farm, or a flower farm. Your kids will love getting their hands dirty and petting the animals. And, you’re both guaranteed to enjoy the fresh air. Let the kids pick some fruit and veggies to cook at home, while you’re there.

Plan a Game Night. Grab the Monopoly board and Twister mat, and turn up the tunes. Or, play a few rounds of charades, which will guarantee lots of laughs and family fun. If you want to get in touch with your creative side, try making up an entirely new game and have the family play along. Have a few simple prizes on hand, so that everyone feels like a winner.

Build a Lemonade Stand. There’s few activities more fun and rewarding than creating a homemade lemonade stand. Donate the proceeds to a charity that you and your kids choose together. If your corner of the world is still chilly, try a hot apple cider stand instead.

Get Political. They say activism starts at home! Volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about, join a local march, or protest and bring the kids along. For some at-home political involvement, make artwork with your kids and turn them into postcards to write to your senators and representatives.

Spread Kindness. Devote an afternoon to random acts of kindness. Ask your kids what messages they’d like to spread to your local community and make some signs that reflect what they’ve shared. Hop on your bikes for an afternoon spent hanging these signs around your neighborhood, or bake some special snacks to give to your neighbors and make an already sweet afternoon even sweeter.

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