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Meet Sproutling, A FitBit For Babies

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Courtesy of Sproutling

If you’re like many new parents, you obsess about every detail of your baby, pretty much every second of the day (perhaps even while your little one is sleeping). You’re also likely very sleep deprived. Enter Sproutling, a brand-spankin’-new baby monitor that promises to learn and predict your baby’s unique behaviors and, in turn, make your life “a little less stressful.”

Built by Apple and Google alums, pediatric specialists, scientists, and Bugaboo’s designers, the Sproutling monitor is supposed to be “smarter” than anything else on the market. In essence: The band-like device hooks around your baby’s ankle, taking in a load of information—16 measurements in total—about your tot (like: is she breathing? sleeping? sleeping on her tummy? too warm? about to wake up? in distress?), and relays it all to an app on your smartphone.

“Parents have been relying on baby monitors for over 75 years and in that time, they fundamentally haven’t changed at all,” says Sproutling’s co-founder Chris Bruce. “They continue to be a poor extension of parents’ eyes and ears and require constant attention to see if your baby is moving or making noise. As parents ourselves, we wanted something that could tell us how our baby was doing when they weren’t moving or making noise and when we were unable to pay full attention, like when showering or sleeping.”

Other bonus features of the product include a medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone body that’s machine washable (just remove the sensor), and a wireless charging device/bowl that sits in the child’s room, gathering even more information about the environmen  (temperature, noise levels, etc.).

We haven’t tried the product out ourselves, so we can’t vouch for it, but if all of this sounds good to you and you have $249 on hand, starting today, you can pre-order the device right here (it’ll be delivered in early 2015). Also note that the Sproutling Baby Monitor is just the first product from the S.F.-based startup. Expect more gear on the horizon aimed at helping you parent smarter…and with more ease.


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