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Photo courtesy of Marley Leiper

8 “Stay At Home Moms” Sound Off On The Term & Their Role

Written by Sara Langer

Photography by Photo courtesy of Marley Leiper

The role of “stay at home moms” in 2018 is drastically different than it was decades ago. And many would say the archaic term doesn’t quite describe what it’s like to be a full-time mother today. In fact, while some mothers are choosing to “stay home”, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have completely opted out of all endeavors outside of motherhood or that they are stuck “at home” in an apron, cooking and cleaning all day long. To get a different perspective on the modern SAHM, we’ve gathered eight women who have traded in working full-time away from home in order to focus on motherhood for either a short or extended period of time. They share with us what their role looks like, why they decided to “stay home,” the creative and professional pursuits that have surfaced thanks to motherhood, and some of the biggest misconceptions around being a SAHM in 2018.

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