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Try It: The Family Staycation

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photo via Kid & Coe

Travel bug have you itching to get out of town? We feel you. The idea of hoping on a plane and getting the bleep out of dodge to a place far, far away sounds nice, but for most of us who have kids, a tight budget, or a full-time job, a vacation is just not in the cards. That’s where the “staycation” comes in.  According to our friend Merriam-Webster, a staycation is a vacation spent at home or nearby. That’s right, a getaway, without really getting away, whether it be staying at home (yes, it’s possible to staycation at home) or staying somewhere nearby so you can save on airfare and ditch the heavy gas mileage.

Sound like something you want to try out? We’ve got some great ideas and tips below to help you make the most of your staycation, whether it be a romantic hotel getaway for two or a family adventure in your own backyard. Happy holidaying!

1. Rent a hotel in town. An easy way to leave home without spending a fortune is to plan an easy hotel getaway. Book a nice accommodation in town, preferably one with a pool, and pack lightly. You’ll get the vacation feel, while having the comfort of your own city (which you most likely know like the back of your hand) at your finger tips. Plan to eat at some of your favorite restaurants or try new ones you haven’t yet explored.

2. Rent a house. Travel accommodation services like Airbnb can be pretty magical when you want to feel like you’re vacationing somewhere grand. Renting a home is especially great if you are bringing the whole family along because they have multiple bedrooms and full kitchens. You can search houses that are available for rent by day or by week, and these services provide detailed photographs of each home so you can make sure you are getting exactly what your family needs. Kid & Coe is another great home rental service. All of their properties are hand-picked and kid friendly!

3. Trading places with a friend. Plan a house swap with some friends across town. Explore a new hood, while staying in the comfort of a familiar place.

4. Camping in the back yard. Pitch a tent, build a fire, and sleep under the stars. The kids will love it and you will appreciate getting to camp with the kids without the chaos. We’re betting you’ll love being just a short walk away from your own bathroom, too.

5. Stay at home and unplug. It is possible to have a staycation in your own home. Try unplugging for a couple of days. No phones, no computers, just you and your loved ones, spending solid quality time together. This simple practice can help eliminate stress and build the family bond.

6. Plan some local fun. Take advantage of your city’s offerings. Check out local museums and art galleries. Catch a family-friendly show at the local theater, head to the amusement park, or zoo. Go to a drive-in movie, roller-skating rink, or watch a baseball game. Head to the lake or take a day trip to the beach. Visit a local winery, take a hike in the hills, or bike ride in an area of town that is new to you. There are countless activities no matter where you are living. Most of us could easily plan a week’s worth of nearby entertainment while staycationing at home and saving on travel costs.

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