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Staying Connected While At Work

Written by Rebekah Cook

Photography by Photo via James Kicinski Mccoy

Whether by choice or out of necessity, many of us work long hours away from our children which can trigger fears that we aren’t doing our part as mothers. but instead of worrying, why not use what free-time you have to connect in simple, meaningful ways with small gestures and quick “hellos” throughout the day? We suggest pushing that mommy-guilt aside and creating a better work-life balance by implementing a few of these tricks below into your work routine.

Mix It Up.
Start sharing several duties with your spouse or childcare provider, like meal prepping, bedtime, school-time drop-off, and more. This way, your child will not associate these times with you physically being there. Also, surprise your little one from time-to-time at school, during an activity, or go to work late and come home early whenever you can. It’ll make greetings and goodbyes easier and enjoyable.

Video Chatting.
Connecting via FaceTime, Skype, and short videos is a wonderful idea for moms and children. Use this time to ask about their day, sing a favorite song, send kisses, or virtually share a meal.

Keep Up With What They Are Doing.
If you have a babysitter or nanny, ask her to keep a log of what your little one did during the day. This way, you stay on top of what your kiddo is learning, loving, and doing, and you can talk about it later with him or her. Have your nanny show you the song he or she learned, the game he played, the picture he made, etc. It’ll make both of you feel proud.

Bed Time.
If you’re away during bedtime, try to read your child a story over the phone or via video chat. It’ll feel like you’re in the room! You can also scare away any monsters, pretend tuck him or her in, and give a virtual kiss goodnight.

Make Morning And Night Routines Fun.
Instead of rushing the family out the door or coming home and going straight to the kitchen to make dinner, involve your child in your everyday activities. You can have him or her help make breakfast, pack lunches, or make dinner. Turn on some fun music and have a dance party. Sit with him or her on the couch and listen to how his day went, or get on the floor and play.

Mid-Day Reminder.
Leave a sweet reminder or token of love for your child to discover while you’re away, whether it be a note to go along with their lunch, a special card, drawing, funny joke, or something as simple as the words “I love you.” This small gesture speaks volumes and is sure to make kids of all ages feel special, and reassure them that they are on your mind.

Send Photos.
Text or email fun photos to your stay-at-home spouse or nanny to share with your kiddo. Send funny faces, photos of you blowing kisses, eating your lunch, or just sitting at your workspace. Take turns sending photos back and forth—it can be a fun activity, even with toddlers.

Make Together-Time Count.
Working away from home allows you to better focus on your job duties and career, so it’s important to give your child all of your attention when you are back at the house. Take him or her out on dates, sit with her in her room, snuggle on the couch—do whatever you can do to show them you care. Even if your schedule is packed, make it a point to spend at least 10 minutes of uninhibited, unplugged time with your child each day. The rest of your work, emails, texts, and phone calls can wait until your kiddos are in bed or you’re back at the office.

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