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Photo Courtesy of Storq

Storq’s Inclusive, Un-Retouched New Campaign Promise

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photos Courtesy of Storq/Nicki Sebastian

Not-so-“maternity” brand Storq has had enough when it comes to maternity-wear campaigns featuring models who are nowhere near being pregnant. So, it’s doing something about it via a new promise to feature actually pregnant women and more realistic-looking postpartum bodies, as well as roll out expanded size offerings (now from 2 up to 22, with sizes 24 and 26 coming in September), and ditching the Photoshop, here on out.

“As a direct to consumer brand catering to pregnant women and parents, we want to take pregnant women seriously as fashion consumers, but also to offer a more honest and thoughtful portrayal of pregnancy and motherhood that women can relate to,” Storq co-founder Courtney Klein tells us about the new initiative and campaign. “To that end, we cast a group of twelve women that are all in different stages of motherhood—some pregnant, some nursing, and postpartum.”

In the new photos, which were shot by Mother favorite Nicki Sebastian, a group of new and expecting mamas showcase all the ways one can wear Storq’s comfy dresses, leggings, bras, and more. Two of the models even have visible linea nigra (the line that often forms down a pregnant woman’s stomach), which isn’t something consumers always see.

“Our message is inclusive, regardless of how or when you found us, we want to be a welcoming point of entry for everyone on this journey,” says Klein. “It’s hard enough bringing kids into this world, we want to make looking and feeling good something anyone can achieve.”

Take a look at some of our favorite images from the campaign below. And scoop up the wares yourself over at Storq. (For more on Storq’s co-founder Courtney Klein, check out her very own Pregnancy Style profile on Mother!).

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