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Mom Style

Stylish Backpacks For Moms On The Go

Written by Jennifer Riley & Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Via Asos

It used to be that the only reason you’d use a backpack was either because you were summiting a mountain or carrying half of your body’s weight in school books. Enter the new generation of adult-friendly backpacks. They are functional, fashionable, and dare we say it, a mom-on-the-go’s best friend.

Because haven’t we all been there—trying to figure out the best way to tote all of our and our little one’s essentials without constantly double-checking where we put them? Or worse, making sure they haven’t grown legs?

Thanks to our roundup, gone are the days of having to monitor your belongings and your kid. Just throw this double-strap dynamo over your shoulders and rest assured your possessions are right where they need to be: with you. Now your biggest concern will be trying to figure out how to choose only one. 

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