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Our Editors’ Summer Beauty Picks

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Summer is a time when switching up your beauty routine is an absolute must due to higher temps and the extra time spent under the sun. Find out what Katie and James are keeping on hand to look and feel their best all season long.

Katie’s picks:

“There’s nothing better than real beach waves, but for times when I can’t get to the sand, this stuff helps me feel summer-y. Plus, I use it to smooth down my crazy new-growth baby hairs that have sprouted up in my postpartum ‘Mom Hair’ days.” Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray, $24, Sephora.

“Likewise, when I can’t fit a shower into my schedule, the Mermaid Dry Shampoo by the same brand—Captain Blankenship—is a must. Honestly, I think I just like things on my shelf that have the word ‘mermaid’ on the bottle.” Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo, $24, Sephora.

“According to its creators, this scent smells like “a day at the beach, salt, sand, grit, sweat, suntan lotion, warm skin kissed by the sun, bohemian holiday, being on vacation, and is made by hand in small batches in sunny California.” Sign me up!” Warm Fragrance Oil, $40, Warm NY.

“I could probably use an upgrade on my cheapie comb, which was likely purchased out of necessity at Walgreens.” Mason Pearson Detangling Comb, $27.99, Overstock.

“I’m always looking for an acne-safe (read: non pore-clogging, AES-approved) lipstick in the brightest color possible to give my face that cheery pop. I’m hoping this shade fits the bill!” Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick in Coquette, $24, Beauty.com.

“I have so much travel on the horizon and washing my hair with whatever the hotel or grandma provides is just not an option for my acne-prone skin (hair products end up getting all over your pillowcase and face!). This version won’t mess with my skin routine, is able to be stuffed into my carry-on (I hate checking luggage!), and is made by a fellow mama.” Rahua Shampoo 2 oz., $9, Beauty.com.

“Part of my skincare routine includes putting ice directly on my face two times a day (in the morning and night, right after I wash my face), to cut down on inflammation. Using an ice pop mold helps make the process less drippy.” Sunsella Premium Silicone Ice Pop Molds, $10.99, Amazon.

“Call me crazy, but I am thinking a pale shade of yellow nail polish—inspired by this Marais shoe and this Nu Swim swimsuit—could be sort of cute for summer. I’m not usually crazy with my nail art, but there are few cute designs here that could be accomplished with this entire pastel kit.” Deborah Lippmann Lemon Drop Nail Polish, $18, Deborah Lippmann.

“I recently got my hair cut at Spoke & Weal salon in S.F. and the hair stylist taught me how to create subtle waves with a flat iron. Basically, you feed your hair through in S-shapes. It’s a nice alternative to a curling iron and gives a less ‘done’ look, which I’m into.” Infiniti Pro by Conair Ceramic Flat Iron, $27.98-$33.99, Amazon.

Katie’s beauty bag choice is by Baggu.


James’ picks:

“I didn’t think I could find a highlighter that would ever replace my beloved RMS, but Glossier is back at it again with another genius product. I love the subtle dewy-glow it gives and that it comes in two shades, which can both be used on any skin tone.” Haloscope, $22, Glossier.

“Water, water, and more water. I have been trying to drink 2-3 liters each day, and keeping a bottle on me at all times helps me get close to my goal.” BKR Water Bottle, $35, Amazon.

“This energizing mist full of essential oils not only lifts your senses, it also smells incredible. I spritz in the morning and again right before bed—can’t get enough.” The Captivator, $46, Cap Beauty.

“I have a big crush on superfoods and tonics and have been incorporating them onto my daily diet for various health benefits. One of my favorites is He Shou Wu, which is said to nourish the blood, hair, skin, nervous system, sexual center, and spirit. All good things!” He Shou Wu, $55, Amazon.

“The very sweet Cindy DiPrima of NYC natural beauty hot-spot Cap Beauty sent me a few In Fiore products to try and this one is my favorite. It’s a ‘divine mud’ that literally polishes the skin using 12 organic ground blossoms and essential oils. Never has my skin felt so smooth, clean, and soft.” In Fiore Lustra Exfoliating Floral Compound, $70, Cap Beauty.

“My dear friend Abi has this beautiful, sultry, smokey brown eye liner that I am always complimenting her on. She recently gifted me the closest thing to it that she could find here in the States. I love it for a fun night out when I want a little something extra fancy.” Marc Jacobs Eye Crayon Set, $25, Sephora.

“For years, I’ve been using a brush or my fingers to apply my concealer up until now. I finally tried this popular, teardrop shaped, bright pink sponge that everyone has been raving about and now I’m a Beauty Blender believer, too.” Beauty Blender, $19.95, South Moon Under.

“Now that it’s shorts and swimsuit season, I want my legs to look their best. I’ve been dry brushing before I shower to help buff away dead skin cells, improve circulation and blood flow, and to reduce cellulite.” Dry brush, $8.19, Amazon.

“For those days when I could use a little extra color, my go-to is this bronzing mousse by St. Tropez. It’s fairly easy to apply and looks really natural, so you won’t end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. I also recommend using the mitt for even application.” St. Tropez, $29.99, Amazon.

James’ beauty bag choice is by Clare V.

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