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Summer Bucket List—25 Things To Do While The Heat Is On

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano


With July 4th behind us, we’re dead in the middle of summer, which means the pressure is on to get out there and make the most of it. Which brings us to our summer bucket list, filled with a mix of easy-to-accomplish and more far-reaching goals. How many do you think you can cross off?

Go Camping: Even if it’s in your living room or backyard. Make the experience as outdoorsy and festive as you can muster.

Take A Family Vacation: Family vacays are the stuff memories are made of. Hanging out together 24/7 (if just for a weekend) is such a powerful way to bond.

Set Up A Lemonade Stand: Depending on your kid’s age, this classic money-making opp is an easy and fun way to spend a lazy summer day.

Take A Girls’ Trip: Grab one or several of your girlfriends and hit the road—even if it’s just a day trip while the kids are with your partner, sitter, or camp. Woman-on-woman time is so restorative.

Hit The Water—Often!: Grab a new suit for yourself and the kiddies, a statement-making float, and hit the beach, a beautiful lake, the inflatable pool in your backyard, or hop in a boat. Just remember to read up on these water safety tips beforehand.

Go On A Hike: Take in the blue skies and summer foliage from one of your favorite (or new) vantage points.

Have A Water Balloon Fight: Perhaps one of the most fun ways to cool off is grabbing your hose, filling those balloons up, and letting ’em rip. For those who really want to get drenched, you can add water pumps and Super Soakers into the mix.

Visit A Farm Or Orchard: This is a great way to help your kids connect their food and its source, not to mention you’ll have the tastiest take-aways.

Host A Summer Party: It can be as small as having one other family over. The key is to celebrate the season with folks you adore, perhaps master a new recipe, and turn your kids onto the art of hosting.

Make S’mores: Even if it’s in the microwave, this summer classic is a must.

Take A Bike Ride: If you don’t usually do this at home, see if any destination you’re going to might include access to a bike. There’s nothing quite like pedaling around with the summer breeze in your face.

Play Hide-And-Go-Seek In The Dark: If your kids are old enough and can grapple with the obvious safety concerns (tripping over branches, running into eachother, hiding too far afield, etc.), playing hide and go seek in the moonlight is pretty hard to beat.

Look At The Stars: Whether it’s spreading out on a blanket at night or upping the ante with a telescope or binoculars, taking in the summer night’s sky with your family is downright dreamy.

Barbecue: It’s a summer essential for a reason—everything just tastes better grilled. Even the avocados for your guacamole!

Hit An Outdoor Concert: With your girls, your partner, or your kids, go listen to some live tunes outside in an intimate or festival setting.

Run Through The Sprinkler: Instantly relive your childhood summers as the water goes tick-tick-ticking by.

Dance In The Rain: As long as there’s not crazy (read: dangerous) lightning, bringing your kids outside to experience warm summer rain can be crazy fun.

Catch A Matinee: Beat the heat by cooling off during the daytime hours in a movie theater. Some even offer super discounted rates (we’re talking as low as $1) for kiddie flicks. Or, be really indulgent and steal away a couple hours just for yourself. For those of you with drive-in theaters nearby, that’s an awesome option for memorable nighttime viewings.

Have A Picnic: Ask for your kids’ help in menu planning and packing it all up.

Make Ice Cream: Challenge yourself to learn something new (and delicious) or, if you’re already an ice-cream-making connoisseur, add a new flavor to your repertoire. The lazier (and perhaps equally yummy) option: Find an ice cream truck.

Blow Bubbles: So simple. So cheap. So good! Big bubble wands are also great for blowing little kids’ minds.

Hit A Photo Booth: Why not start a new family tradition and hunt down one of the better photo booths in town for an old-school family portrait?

Tie-Dye Or Shibori-Dye: Go all “Summer of Love” with t-shirts, undies, scarves, the works.

Go To A Carnival or Fair: Google what’s happening in your local area and introduce your kids to the wonder that is funnel cake.

Go Out For Summer Cocktails: Because after all this mama (really) needs a drink.

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