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30+ Summer Dresses Perfect For Shelter-In-Place

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Via Doen

If you haven’t changed out of your favorite sweats since the beginning of shelter-in-place, we don’t blame you. However, with the summer heat upon us, those sweats might be getting a little, well, sweaty. Which is why an easy summer dress might be just the sartorial upgrade you can handle right now. Not only can “dressing” up shift your mindset for a moment, it’s also a breezy complement to your daily family walks and can serve as a celebration of the change in season. Of course, comfort is key right now, and these 30+ summer dresses that we’ve cherry-picked below are admired for their roomy, non-restrictive nature, which makes them ideal for at-home lounging, stoop hangs, snuggling with your kiddos, and more.

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  1. Catherine says...

    As a mom of two boys and a tiny dog who often needs to be carried, I find most of these dresses really beautiful, but incredibly impractical for being outside in the summer. I wear dry-weave, waterproof shorts and cotton tees that I can change after they get drenched from being outside in the Texas heat at 9 am. What I need are suggestions for practical dresses that I can wear to the store, the doctor’s office, and also to walk my dog and kids.

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