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At Home With Maryland Mama Of 2 Sy’Vone Murphy & Lovevery

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Erika Layne

Today’s mama might be juggling two kiddos who are 2-years-old and under—but you won’t hear any complaints from her about the so-called terrible twos. “I hate the phrase ‘terrible twos!'” says Sy’Vone Murphy. “If working through your emotions and figuring out the person that we are is ‘terrible,’ then we are all going through our terrible twos.” Point taken!

Charting her own emotional evolution—and personal style—has become a passion for Sy’Vone, right alongside raising her two adorable daughters, Arielle and Zyla, who will turn 3 and 1 (respectively) in January. She showcases all of the above on her refreshing Instagram feed, as well as her journey as a Marine Corps spouse and new Maryland resident (the family just moved from North Carolina less than a month ago).

To find out more about the stylish, candid mother behind the neutral-toned grid, we recently visited Sy’Vone’s new home—with some Lovevery Play Kits for babies and toddlers in hand—to talk about her upbringing, motherhood, what play time looks like in her house, and her enduring love for her two rainbow babies.

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This post is brought to you by Mother + Lovevery.

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